“Stop pushing a demonic narrative,” reactions as Mike Bamiloye asks single ladies not to join feminist movement

118 views | Stanley Ugagbe | February 9, 2021

In a post that is causing an uproar on social media, Founder and President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye has asked single ladies not to join the feminist movement.

According to the movie producer, this is because “The Feminist Movement May make you miss the Will of God for your Life.”

He noted that “If you are MARRIED, don’t join them either, IF YOU WANT TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR MARRIAGE”.

The actor, in the post on his Twitter page, added that “The Feminism wants to CONTEST the Head of the Home”.

Reacting to the post, some Twitter users have decried him while others pitched tent with him. Below are some comments:

@iamseunamusa – Well said, Sir. I was a feminist as a single lady. It was God who ministered to me that was a dangerous path. When people embrace the word of God with an open heart, they will see the truth in what you have just said. Yes, feminism is about gender equality But

@snowice91 – Feminism is the fight for equal opportunities, not a contest for who to be the head. Women want to marry husbands like Dr iweala who will allow them to reach their full potentials. There is always extremism which should not distract the ideal.

@Daddy_Nomso – Mike Bamiloye thanks for the Childhood Memories but you are Wrong. Think God wants Women to be treated Right, given equal opportunities, not to be oppressed but should rather live in equality, peace & together we will build a better world for EveryOne.

@omobaadegoroye – BIG LOL People just assume things on their head and once their thinking doesn’t align with it then they believe it’s a sin. That’s the Christianity the so called religious and Christian people practice…

@adebankefalade – This is a very ignorant statement to make and its very sad that a man admired by many would do this. I can site cases of feminist movements in the bible. Feminism is about equal rights. Please let’s educate ourselves The Daughters of Zelophehad were feminists.

@bunmibae – Feminism is about more important things than who wears the pants in the home. Feminism is about equal opportunities for females, equal treatment under the law. Feminism is ensuring that people are not marginalized, just because they are female. Stop pushing a demonic narrative.

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