Still on Abba Kyari: When God Honors

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

Just this morning, I watched a one minute fifty-seconds video clip of Abba Kyria where he was honored as the man of the year of something -something.

Interestingly, it was Mr. Peter Obi, the former Governor of Anambra State, the 2019 PDP Vice Presidential candidate and of course the most tipped Presidential Candidate for PDP South East 2023 that made the presentation.

Before deciding to pen down this thought, I had watched the clip severally, trying to shrink myself into the emotional mould of Peter and others who have had course to eulogize, commend and honor Abba for being diligent, competent , meticulous and most importantly radiating a fine image of a corruption free police offer.

Would they bury their faces in shame now that their eulogies appear to have fallen on a rotten meat than on an initial white Eagle?

Why would they? Are they God who knows everything, even from the hidden places of human heart, the most secretive and highly unpredictable place in human beings , beside the human genitalia mechanism, whose no isn’t no most times.

Before now , my reservations on human honor, commendation etc have been one of great mistrust , though there are exceptions to this.

Each time I watch plaques handed over to people with wonderfully couched inscriptions ,my first reaction is always one of query and critic on the due diligence deployed to ascertain how in sync are the external and internal lifestyle of the recipients with what they are being honored for.

Many of these awards are mere image massaging, far off from the real content value of the recipients. More of public relations, decoy to raise money, over and above play on the emotions of the recipients for future aid and favor.

The latter undoubtedly could have been the energy, the drive and strategy in getting close to the embattled DCP Abba Kyria from the high and might, who of course may have need for protection etc if the net and arm of the law should decend on them.

Life is a show, a flouncing endeavor. Walk through your walk ways , make the best out it, fake, pretend, disguise, camouflage etc Get people to have a buy in into what you show case, while the sing and praise around you, for what you have made them believe, you remain committed and diligent to your real lifestyle , off the probing eyes of the public, but under the heavy searchlight of God’ omnipresent eyes.

Aren’t one a fool? To play this kind of game, a game that would only give one a momentary honour but an endless garland of shame and disgrace when the wool is off the eyes of the duped and scammed public

In as much as I have nothing against human honor and commendation via plaque and certificates presentations ,especially those given out of genuine appreciation on the real examplary lifestyle of the awardees , devoid of hidden selfish motive on the part of the organisers, however the honor that God bestows is the best. It comes with no sorrow, regret, shame and fake evalution of both ones moral depth and ethical levels.

If he honor one, he honor based on result on years of endurance, faithfulness, dedication and steadfastness. His honor is without stain and reproach.

It is very surpring therefore to know how our religious bodies have found new love in award ceremonies to appreciate those whose immense contributions to a large extent impacted positively on the Church.

It shouldn’t end on certificates and plaque, rather it should be a life tyle that resonates greatly with such persons lifestyle both in public and in private.

The due diligence should be detailed to avoid any variation in both the public and private lifestyles of the awardees .

When a Church honors and celebrates certain individuals for their perceived contributions, many of such persons are in themselves Abba Kyria ,running with hare and chasing with the hound, beating drum inside the bush and running out screaming “who beats it”. Better no award than to award in error.

Sure enough to say that 90% of the reasons for awards both from the various institutions( Religion and Society) are framed around money not values.

Let our light shines forth, not money, not position for God’s name to glorified. Our inability to maintain this steam and momentum, is undoubtedly our archilles heels in this country.

If all awards given in the Church, mosque and in the various government and none governmental agencies are to be assembled and subjected to integrity test, using as parameter, the secret lifestyles of the awardees, like pack of cards, many of them would fall.

Let us live our lives driven by the desire to be honored and appreciated by God. He is the ultimate and Supreme Master of the universe, who knows us more than we know ourselves, rewarding one according to ones work.

When our life is influenced by the crave for public appreciation, using every means to achieve it becomes the obsessive power, driving one to do most often in the secret , the unimaginable just to strike the button of public adulation.

Vanity upon vanity, award upon awards , most times end in an Abba Kyria way. Sad!

Better not honored, than to be honored, and the honor retrieved for lack of merit and integrity.

If God honors one,the honor of men becomes paled and unattractive.

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