Working in the kitchen may appear simple at first glance, but it is just as challenging as working in an office. The most important thing to remember is that kitchen work has a direct impact on the health of every family member. When we eat delicious and healthy food, we often overlook the effort that goes into its preparation.

Many kitchen tasks are extremely time-consuming. Therefore if you want to save time and effort by simplifying kitchen work, we have something for you.

Garlic is almost always present in our meals. It is used only after it has been peeled. And at times, it’s not an easy thing to do, but we got you covered.

To begin with, separate the garlic buds and set them aside in a bowl. Now, place the buds in a Tupperware, close the lid, and shake for a while. The garlic buds will be separated from the peels as a result of this. This method will not only make the work easier but also save time.

Spilling of milk while boiling is a common occurrence. If you want to keep the milk from spilling while you are boiling it, put a wooden spoon or a stick in it while it is being boiled. The milk won’t spill out of the pot. This is a simple solution to your problem.

Every month, on at least one or two occasions, cheese is consumed as a meal in every household. Grating the thing often necessitates a significant amount of effort. If you have had a similar problem, then put the cheese in the fridge for about half an hour before grating it. Your grating process will become much more convenient after that.

Lemon juice is widely used in homes. If you want to use the entire juice from a lemon by squeezing it hard, refrigerate it for half an hour and then microwave the lemon for about 20 seconds. After that, if you squeeze it, all of the lemon juice will easily come out.

Bananas are one of our favourite fruits, but they are difficult to store. There is a fear that they will get spoiled soon. If you like bananas and want to keep them for a long time then wrap the upper end of the banana in clingfilm. As a result, the banana will take longer to ripen.

Cleaning a vessel that has been used with ghee, oil, or honey is a difficult task. In such a case, spray these utensils with cooking spray before using them to make the job easier. This will make cleaning the utensils a cakewalk.

Transparent ice cubes must have caught your attention at parties. If you too want to make transparent ice cubes for a party at home, use boiled water instead of plain water. This will produce transparent ice cubes.

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