Shonekan’s reign was interim, but his contributions enduring – Atiku

Shonekan is dead

Former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has expressed sadness at the passing of erstwhile interim head of state, Chief Earnest Shonekan. In a statement released by Atiku, he praised Chief Shonekan for the positive impact of his short-lived reign in the country coupled with the fact that the reign was interim.

The statement reads “It is with a sad heart that I received the news of the death of the former Head of State and Chairman of the defunct Interim National Government, Chief Earnest Shonekan.

My grief is predicated not just on the demise of the elder statesman, because he died at a prime age. However, his exit at a time when the country would need his skills and global connections in finding solutions to many of our intractable challenges is quite saddening.

Either as a politician or a boardroom guru, Chief Shonekan possessed a unique set skill of bringing stability to a tumultuous situation. That obviously was the consideration that made him become Head of the Interim National Government following the crises that greeted the events after the June 12 Presidential election.

Although his reign as Head of State was interim, Chief Shonekan’s contribution to the peace and development of Nigeria in those days and latter years, remain enduring.

My condolences go to his immediate family, the people and government of Ogun State and the entire nation for the loss of a man of industry and intellect, who lived a life of service to the country and humanity.
It is my prayer that God almighty receives his soul in a peaceful repose.

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