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Shocking! Teenage Girl Impregnated by Her Dad

Photo Source: LindaIkeji


A story going viral tells of a middle-aged man identified as David Akpokpokpo who has been arrested by a vigilante group for allegedly raping and impregnating his teenage daughter in Amukpe area of Sapele, Delta State.

It was reported that the suspect had carnal knowledge of his daughter, Mercy Akpokpokpo, which resulted in pregnancy and birth of a three month old baby.

The suspect threatened to kill his daughter if she opened up to anyone. However, when she could no longer bear it, she reported to the vigilante group in Amukpe on Friday, August 27.

Instablognaija reports that during interrogation, the man, who admitted being the father of the child, claimed to have slept with his daughter only once under the influence of alcohol but the victim countered him, saying that her father raped her four times.

Narrating what transpired between her and her father, the teen mom said, “He started by accusing me of sleeping with men whenever I am out hawking. Every time he says it, my mom will challenge him. Then one day, when my mom went out and we were at home alone, he came to me and said he wanted to check if I was sexually active.

He forcefully slept with me. Then, another day, my mom and siblings travelled for a funeral, I couldn’t go with them because I had to write my exams. He asked me not to lock the door from inside, that he was going to lock it from outside, which he did. But he later came in and forced me to sleep with him again. He did it two more times.

I couldn’t tell anyone because he threatened that if I did, he was going to poison all of us in the house. He said after he kill us, he will go ahead and marry another wife.

When I got pregnant, my mom asked me who got me pregnant, I told her that the day she went for funeral and my dad locked the door from outside, someone came in and raped me, and I don’t know who the person was.”

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