Shocking: “If You Have 3 Cars And Your Pastor Is Trekking , Your Days Are Numbered” – Nigerian Prophet

451 views | Stanley Ugagbe | November 26, 2020

A Nigerian prophet, Goodheart Val Aloysius has stirred up social media outburst following his shocking revelation about people with more than one car, while their pastors’ trek.

In a post on his Facebook page, the prophet averred that people who have three cars but see their pastors trekking and do nothing about it have their days numbered and won’t live long.

He wrote, “Oga you have 3 cars and your Pastor is trekking without a car and you are very comfortable, don’t worry your days are numbered”.

Reacting to the post, some individuals disagreed with him, calling him different names. Below are some of the reactions.

Rachel Gift – Ole!!! Yahoo pastor!!! What kind of entitlement mentality is this? He/she worked to get those cars, work for your own! Stop depending on church members and their offerings…get a job!!!!

Etz Kessy Bankz – Am wondering what he’s feeding his congregation with because before he had to come to Facebook to say all this that means his members must have heard more worse than this. If you need a car oga go and buy one. Dem nor Dy shoot gun for where them for dy sell cars. Even the Bible said at the end there will be

Any false prophets. I guess it’s best to be biblical let’s be guided, only God gives riches pray and your time must surely come nor envy your congregation Sir

Olatunji Akinola Olanrewaju – Please stop this nonsense! This is just pure covetousness and we are tired of it! This isn’t even in the bit biblical! How can you be like this? Acts 20:34 nko? What happened to it?

Mercy Ugo – Lol. Jesus Christ called his disciples to preach the gospel and baptise those who believe. This is the great commission. Whatever is calling you guys these days have only called you to exploit gullible people for your own aggrandizement. Crooks everywhere masquerading as members of the body of Christ.

Ogechi Ann – Onye ori don’t go nd work for ur money! U r looking for someone who has paid his dues to come nd waste his resources on u! Aka ogbajiri gi? Pastor aguu like u! Don’t go nd hustle like him! Thief

Amarachi Nwa Okike – No go hustle ..ole!! Dey find person wey go dash u car like say u give him car key keep for you. You be God wey go number person day

Idongesit Etim – This is bullshit! You are a thief. Go and buy your own car if you need one, stop stealing from people in the name of being a senseless pastor.

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