Saturday Poll: Dear Ladies, Which Do You Prefer? Sex or Foreplay?

It’s weekend, that time of the week when we get to rest our brain. You know, take a break from the stressful week. Now, let us spice the weekend with a racy poll!

Yesterday, while I was having a chinwag with a male friend, we were actually talking about gaining sexual satisfaction from your partner and he went, “I love foreplay a lot but my girlfriend loves it more when I just penetrate without much foreplay”.

This actually got me thinking. I personally love foreplay. Like, sometimes, I wonder what it is about sex that drives most people crazy. And I know a lot of ladies who love foreplay as much as I do and there are a few that prefer to pass it completely and head straight for sex like my friend’s girlfriend.

In fact, most times, I can’t help but think that this category of women don’t like sex at all. They probably see intercourse as a way to get it over ASAP either they are self-conscious or they simply don’t like foreplay. Well, whatever it is, we would love to hear what you think.

So, ladies, gather here let’s vote. And GOSSIP!

Which do you enjoy more? Sex or foreplay?

If foreplay, what is the best thing about foreplay? If sex, what do you enjoy most about sex?

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