Saturday Poll: Dear Guys, Can You Date A Runs Girl?

Okay. Before y’all go ahead to answer this question, I know most of you know who a runs girl is but let me still do a little breakdown on the meaning of a “Runs girl”.

According to urban dictionary, runs girl is a Nigerian slang used to refer to a girl who likes to hangout, party and most times have sex with different men for money and other benefits. They don’t hang out with broke guys.

I’d say that a “runs girl” is a term that emanated from the infamous word “prostitute” and as such, runs girl is synonymous with prostitution. Though a runs girl is the updated version of “Prostitute”; they don’t go about standing on the road with skimpy dresses waiting for a customer, they will actually be in a relationship with you but trust me when I say, they mingle with different men at once- all named “Baeu”.

They are not like the regular girls you meet on the streets. They are sly, sneaky, manipulative and smart. They aren’t looking for anything more than a fuck. They don’t date to find love. Love? It’s a word that sounds so foreign to them.

Your heart doesn’t matter; all they are after is the attention and the Naira notes stocked in your wallet.

According to popular Lagos-based Psychologist and Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin,

“A  runs girl is any lady who is blatantly lazy or not content with her salary, income, allowance because her personal income can’t get her to her destination. She uses her beauty and physical attributes to gain monetary favors, promotion, land, cars, jewelry from any man who is willing to pay”

On how these kinds of girls can be identified, he went further and said;

This may be stereotypical but;

  1. a) Any lady who doesn’t have a 9-5 or functional business and yet lives a lavish lifestyle
  2. b) Any lady who is always in a private jet or luxury hotel apartment 7 times a year is a Runs Girl
  3. c) Any lady who owns more than 15 designer bags without an income
  4. d) Any Lady who has more than 15k followers on IG or Twitter without any media portfolio or Makeup / Model business
  5. e) Any lady who is “Yellow skinned” and constantly moves with 5 or more other “yellow skinned” ladies is a Runs Girl (Yellow Gang)
  6. f) Any lady who has 9-5 job but the mathematics of her salary and her lifestyle don’t add up
  7. g) Any lady who owns a shop and yet has less than 3 customers and is paying rent is a runs girl
  8. h) Any girl who goes to polo club Lagos by herself without being invited is a Potential Runs Girl
  9. i) 60% of Bank marketers.

Oh well, with these in mind, you all can now go ahead and answer the question. Can you as a man date a runs girl? Let’s know your thoughts on this.



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