Sammie Okposo: Adultery, Abortion And Restoration!

Ozodinukwe Okenwa

Ozodinukwe Okenwa

The United States of America is one of the greatest and most powerful (and indeed the richest) nations in the world. Uncle Sam boasts of glittering cities and billionaires. It has made dreams possible and in equal measure she has killed dreams. The land of the Gates, Bezos, Trumps, Zuckerbergs etc has produced megastars and superstars including Rocco Siffredi, the porn champion. America is reputed to be the land of opportunities, a ‘paradise’ on earth where impossibility does not exist as it were. One of my friends who visited New York told me stunningly many years ago that he had finally found ‘paradise’ on earth!

Many Africans, including Nigerians of course, had found immense favour in America as their gifts and talents were discovered and exploited optimally towards greatness. America has this magical way of turning a nobody to somebody, nothing to something!

Brain and beauty abound in the States as evil is equally manifest. The late Nigerian reggae crooner, Majek Fashek, went and never returned home alive! But before he kept a date with the grim reaper he had effortfully given a musical testimony to the greatness of America and the generosity of Americans.

You have great men of God whose faith in the Lord is strong yet the American munificence often comes with a price. As there are Beyonce and Madonna, Tyson and Holyfield so you have Jezebels and satanic agents on the prowl looking out for who to ‘devour’ and bring down.

The Nigerian popular ministration singer, Sammie Okposo, is recently in the news online for the wrong reason. A young lady, African Doll, had called him out alleging that they had had an amorous relationship which had resulted into a pregnancy! Following the sensational revelation Okposo went public acknowledging that he had committed adultery and pleading profusely for forgiveness.

Of course what was remarkable in this scandal happened to be Sammie’s sincerity and supplications. Ordinarily, he could have denied it all, like most of the so-called men of God did whenever extra-marital issues of this nature came up against them. Apostle Johnson Suleman, Omotosho, Fatoyinbo name them.

For many years Okposo has exhibited his great talent as a gospel superstar around the world. He is blessed with a strong voice and wisdom to release gospel melodies. Like the South African Rebecca Malope our own Okposo is a gift from God to make our sinful world better melodiously. Souls must have been won over through his many rendition of good vibes and numbers on stage and off stage.

Nigeria boasts of many randyPastors, Apostles and Bishops. As you have many boasting of possessing private jets while superintending churches brimming with poor miserable souls so you have tales of sex scandals here and there, every now and then. Instead of salvation they are content preaching prosperity without work! Instead of deliverance from the powers of darkness they lazily proffer diagnosis of sorcery or family spiritual torments as the cause of one’s poverty or problem in life.

Okposo’s poor judgement in this matter is unfortunate. But if the former US President, Bill Clinton, could fall for Monica Lewinsky making her a global star in infamy then who is Okposo to resist the temptation? If the Jezebels and Delilahs of the medieval world could effortlessly seduce their husbands, Kings et al, leading to murder, war and atrocities then who is Okposo to say no to the seduction of the African Doll?

According to the American woman that goes by the funny name, African Doll, who featured online via “Obodo Oyinbo TV” Pastor Okposo was on a musical tour to America late last year and after a show in Houston, Texas he invited her over to his hotel where they “messed around” throughout the night! They hung out together for months including when she visited Nigeria on the invitation of the gospel singer.

Okposo got it wrong, in our reckoning, on two counts. One, by seeking to distance himself from the lady upon the revelation of the pregnancy by the Eve. After enjoying blissful sexual moments together why would our gospel crooner try to bolt away blocking all digital access to her erstwhile lover and calling her names? That is not responsible enough!

Sex without protection leads to pregnancy. And Sammie the loverboy should have known better. In this COVID-19/HIV-AIDS world it is surprising that Okposo could have had fun with little or no consideration of consequences for his action.

And two, by advicing the lady to get rid of the pregnancy through abortion Okposo stands accused of being a glorified ‘murderer’ or an advocate of killing of unborn babies. That is not good enough for his reputation as a singer of the Lord, for the Lord. Getting rid of the baby whom no one knows what it could become in the future?

The woman in question by recognising that fornication and dating a married man is a sin and by electing to keep the baby (given her abhorrence of abortion) must be commended here for trying to “bring life to the situation”.

Sammie Okposo remains, in the eyes of many Nigerians, a gentleman and a musical rare breed for his generation. His fervent supplication for ‘full restoration’ after open confession of his immoral sin is a welcome development. We salute his contrite spirit and refusal to live in denial.

However, we must advice him to pray harder against another ‘Jezebelic’ episode outside our shores. Sinning more and pleading for forgiveness may no longer be divine.

We neither commend nor condemn Okposo for his misdemeanour. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God, so the Bible says. If the heavenly host could forgive us our daily transgressions then who are we, mere mortals, not to forgive our fellow men who had sinned.

On this score, Sammie is hereby forgiven! We implore Ozioma, his wife, to do the same in the spirit of full disclosure initiated by her husband. Truth hurts sometimes but it remains a healthy and liberating act.

The only enduring lesson to be learnt from the Okposo/African-Doll American love fiasco is found in the Holy Book of all ages. Whatever is done in the secret or hidden place would, at the fullest of time, be proclaimed at the roof tops.


SOC Okenwa

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