Safeguard Yourself And Your Children In The Coming Political Season

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim

As 2023 general elections are coming nearer, the Nigerian polity is becoming volatile, chaotic and unsecured as we witness in every political activity.

There are politicians that take politics a do or die affair and they can do anything to clinch power. As usual, politicians move with thugs to protect them while miscreants with devil mind attach themselves with campaigners to steal and cause mayhem. People that are not politicians should stay clear off campaign spots.

I am a living witness of many political assaults. I once saw thugs pursuing opposition member with all sorts of weapons in the broad daylight and before the eyes of everyone. Many people have been killed in campaign rallies and much were wounded.

Parents should keep telling into the ears of their children to stay away from groups of campaigners for their safety. Most importantly, don’t try passing through campaign areas.

Motorists and pedestrians that are not parts of the activities should avoid those scenes, many thieves take political rally as a golden opportunity to steal from innocent people even before the eyes of security officers. Thieves snatch phones, bags, smash cars, confiscate vehicles and take anything valuable from people. Thugs consider their selves most important during campaign rallies because they are hired.

AIn any political campaign,  different people come with different intentions and people that love peace and safety should avoid political campaign places. Ideally, avoid momentous crowd for peace and safety.

I could remember what happened in 2015 presidential campaign in my area. Almost, five fine youths were stab to death and also in 2019 the history repeated itself.

And, just before the campaign rallies begin, the monster is unmasked. On 30th of March, 2021 a group of miscreants in Kaduna state that sneaked into the decamping campaign rally of Rufa’i Ahmad Chanchangi were arrested for extortion and stealing, one of the thugs was shot. On March; this year, Sahabi Mahmud, a Niger law maker escaped attacked by his constituents despite his security guards. In Kano state and other parts of Nigeria, the polity starts inviting the devil, and for peace and the safety of the masses, security operatives should redouble their efforts to maintain peace and order through the 2023 general election activities.

Reckless celebrations and drivings should also not be allowed again, we have seen how precious and vibrant youths accidentally kicked the buckets in 2015 and 2019. In those years, I wondered where Road Safety officers were to rescue those departed souls.

Hope, we will see good changes from all our political aspirants, the masses and our security operatives for a peaceful campaigns and elections through 2023 leadership transmission.

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim is a lecturer with Mass Communication Department, Kaduna Polytechnic and can be reached on

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