Rihanna – She Wakes From Nothing

Rihanna the gorgeous, Grammy wining Barbadian musician is one of those celebrities who know how to spice up their brand. Since her venture into music for almost 2 decades now, she has not ceased to wow her fans all over the world. Coming out time and time again with chart topping singles and albums. Apart from being a musician, she’s also into acting, fashion, cosmetics and other business interests.

Though the music icon has 8 albums to her credit, she has not released any for five years now since Anti in 2016. She has handled with tact the pressure from her fans and critics alike to cook up something good for them as she’s been known for. Building her fashion and cosmetic brand all this while meant has had something to show for being busy to dedicate much time to studio sessions.

Today she responded to a fan on Instagram who asked her about her music by assuring him that she’s got something coming up very soon for her fans worldwide. She also used the moment to share a video celebrating Anti her last album for spending five years on the Billboard Top 200 chart, making her the first Black woman to accomplish the feat.

This is coming on the heels of her appearing on the Vogue Italia, thus becoming only the second woman after Madonna to appear on the British, American, Paris and Italian Vogue.

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