Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka Demystified!

Ozodinukwe Okenwa

Ozodinukwe Okenwa

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), and Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka is a Catholic Priest who courts controversy and sees himself as an ecumenical ‘star’ awaiting heaven. Unlike a rock star who cares less about heaven Mbaka hopes to have his paradise both here on earth and hereafter, in heaven! No one is sure who would make heaven whenever Armaggedon happens. God operates in an unusual way that baffles mortals. But He remains a God of justice, love and kindness. The mundane rock star like a prostitute could make heaven whereas those shouting ‘hallelujah’ hypocritically could end up in hell!

That is how mysterious Jehohah had revealed Himself and His Judgement in the Bible to generations — including this atrocious one. The way to hell is wide while the road to paradise is narrow. Many are called but few are chosen! All of us are hell-bound or heaven-bound, someday, depending on one’s deeds and misdeeds.

Generally, priesthood is a serious ecclesiastical ‘business’. In Igboland particularly priests are respected and adored. Many believers see them as representatives of God here on earth. Before one becomes a reverend father a whole lot of education (sometimes academic pursuits in Rome) are required. Given the celibate nature of priesthood not a few folks bolt away when called upon to be ordained a servant of God.

Father Mbaka had used the Adoration pulpit to preach good tidings to the faithful who usually throng there to hear him speak, deliver folks from satanic hostage and offer blessings and hope for a better future. But often the fiery diminutive clergyman had cleverly used the podium to cast aspersions on respectable members of the society verring off course and pandering to mundane fancies. Indeed, he engaged in certain cult of personality in the name of adoration. And that is where the major problem lies!

Before the emergence of Buharism seven years ago he was known to have told whoever cared to listen that General Buhari was the ‘messiah’ Nigerians were waiting for, one capable of healing our nation and delivering security and prosperity. Today we know better! Buhari has posted irredeemable failure transforming a potentially great nation into a killing field.

Prior to his Buharian identity he had fallen out with the then clueless President, Goodluck Jonathan, over a ‘deal’ gone sour! Mbaka, following the triumphant occupation of Aso Rock by Buhari, was invited over to the Villa in Abuja where he was feted. Years down the line the garrulous man of God began campaigning vigorously againt Buhari castigating his rudderless leadership style and withdrawing his support for him.

When the gubernatorial poll in Imo State was awaiting judicial decision at the Supreme Court Fr. Mbaka had ‘prophesied’ that a certain Hope was coming to Imo. And true to his ‘prophesy’ the Supreme ‘Cult’ Judges awarded the governorship of the state to a man, Hope Uzodinma, who came a distant third or fourth in the guber poll! Mbaka grinned from ear to ear as he visited Owerri to cleanse the Government House. He must have left Owerri with a ‘Ghana-must-go’ bag full of money.

Years down the line Gov. Uzodinma is reportedly ‘boycotting’ him refusing to pick his calls according to Mbaka himself? Mbaka appears to have taken spiritual blackmail to a new height. He extorted politicians by intimidating them or acting as their ‘fetish’ priest. Perhaps, he had sought to blackmail Gov. Uzodinma and the man balked.

When Chimaroke Nnamani was the Governor of Enugu State, years ago, he had a running battle with Fr. Mbaka. It was a ‘war’ waged vitriolically and even violently! Mbaka escaped assassination attempts as he put down Nnamani. He had angrily predicted political doom for Chimaroke but the man was re-elected and today he sits comfortably as a Senator of the Federal Republic!

When the former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi, visited the Adoration ministry way back in 2019 as a vice presidential candidate of the opposition PDP he had encountered a reverend father, nay Catholic con-man, hell-bent on fleecing him. Publicly Mbaka had sought a financial donation from Obi but Obi declined politely asking that a project be named to which he could make a contribution.

Of course, it is no longer news that Atiku Abubakar and Obi as his running mate lost that election to the incumbent President Buhari. They were fantastically rigged out of the poll!

Today, Peter the Rock is making headlines across the land ever since he left the PDP for the Labour Party. He has since emerged as the LP’s presidentail candidate for the February’s presidential poll. Father Mbaka recently decided to open old wounds by denigrating Obi calling him “stingy” and heaping curses on him and his political career! ‘Balam’ Mbaka may be good at laying curses on those he failed to extort but benediction comes from God!

The public backlash that followed Mbaka’s outburst reverberated across the federation. The Enugu Catholic Diocese issued a statement dissociating itself from the Mbaka religious abracadabra. The Bishop, Callistus Onaga, issued a pastoral injunction banning all activities of the Adoration Ministry. Condemnations poured in from everywhere including online.

The Priest has since apologized for his infantile diatribe. He had reversed himself seeking for forgiveness and blessing Obi and his presidential ambition.

Father Mbaka, for all we care, has been demystified a long time ago. His demystification began when he became a glorified politician in cassock. It started when he began befriending politicians of fortune using their filthy lucre to rise to become a benevolent billionaire. Mbaka was demystified when he became a businessman investing heavily in mundane corporate enterprises that generate billions of Naira for him year in, year out.

He was demystified when he began ‘hearing’ from God prophesying on things spiritually complex. By dabbling into phoney prophesy Fr. Mbaka demystified himself! He was demystified when he turned the Adoration ground in Enugu into a ‘shrine’ from which power, influence, wealth and contacts flow in abundance.

The Chief ‘Adorator’ loves money like Judas yet he pontificates on his munificence. He claims proudly to be paying house rents for widows and widowers employing hundreds in his thriving business chain. He boasts of sponsoring destitute students to school and providing succour to the needy.

All these social welfare packages come with a huge price and pride. Ordinarily, the Catholic Church the world over is known to be a blessing to humanity. Rev. Fr. Mbaka has become a problem to the Catholic Church! Barring the faithful from attending and worshipping in the Adoration temple is not enough.

Fr. Mbaka must be sanctioned for his UnCatholic indiscretions. He must be sent to Rome for a spiritual sabbatical or retreat for a year or two. There, he would be’re-educated’ on the principles and obligations of priesthood. And above all, the rules and regulations guiding Catholicism.

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