Restructuring Group Stokes the Fire, Says No Future for Igbo People in Nigeria

Following the seeming shockwaves of the 2019 polls, and the Tuesday recruitment of presiding officers of the National Assembly, a pro-restructuring group, Lower Niger Congress (LNC) has alleged that there is no future for the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria in Nigeria.

For the LNC, it was high time the Igbo people awakened to what it described as ‘’the obdurate One-Nigeria’’. The Executive arm of the Nigerian government is being held by the North, (President Muhammadu Buhari), and Vice-President from the West (Prof. Yemi Osinbajo).

The Legislature has a Northerner as Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila from the West.

The Judicial arm of the Nigerian government is under Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, a Northerner  from Bauchi State as the Acting Chief Justice.

Going by the six geo-political power blocs in the country, three are favoured by the current arrangement. The North-West has the president, the North-East the Senate president, and the South-West, double offices of the vice president and Speaker of the House of Reps.

While the North-Central, South-East, and the South-South do not hold any number one position in the three arms of government, the Igbo people as one of the tripod of the Wazobia, is easily the worse marginalised by the power structure in Nigeria at the moment.

Coordinator of the LNC, Tony Nnadi, a lawyer, claimed in a statement wired to this reporter, ‘’there is absolutely no future for Eastern Nigeria in Nigeria’s political firmament and it’s better for the Igbo people to begin to shift discussions rapidly towards some kind of Let’s-Forget-Everything-Else-And-Go-Develop-The-East.’’

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