Reasons going to the cinema is not ideal for a first date

When it comes to going out with someone for the first time, maybe after some chitchat on social media, you guys decide to meet. And of all places to meet and hang out, you chose the cinema.

Personally, I don’t think the cinema is an ideal place for a first date. I mean, first dates are really important as it lets you get to know a potential lover way better than what you knew online. It is the date that allows you decide whether you want to go for a second one.

But the question is, how do you get to know this person that you have been chatting with online when all you do on the first date is to sit in a reclining theater chair next to dozens of other people, total strangers, a serving popcorn seated on your lap and the sound from a massive speaker blaring throughout the room. Like, how in God’s name would you get to know to know more about this person that you are meeting for the first time?

Well, I am going to give you some reasons why you may want to reconsider a movie date as your first one.

  1. You can’t interact

Honestly, this is one thing that turns me off with going to cinemas on a first date. It can get really awkward. I mean, I would have had stuffs I want to discuss with the person but we only end up sitting in silence in a dark room, our attention more focused on the movie and not ourselves. We sit there not looking at or interacting with one another, for two hours? How cool is that? Honestly, no real conversation can happen in a cinema. It is not the best place to meet someone you don’t know too well, for the first time.

  1. It is too common

These days, going to the movies is really common. It is something that everybody does. Personally, going out to see the movies doesn’t wow me anymore. In fact, when a guy I have not met for the first time asks me out on a date and suggests going to the cinema, I am always quick to suggest something else aside going to his house sha.

  1. It’s dark

Basically, you sat in a dark room beside a person who could have been anybody because you never really saw or spoke to them. Did you even get a chance to see what your date looked like? Did they look anything like their pictures? Have adorable facial expressions? Who knows!

How do you know if there’s that spark, a physical attraction, or how free-flowing the conversation is if you can barely see the human you’re out with? Both sat next to each other, starring at a screen

When meeting a prospective partner for the first time, I think it’s important to build real-life rapport. You need to get things off to as strong of a start as possible. The cinema is not about to help your cause.


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