Reactions as man says “A woman seeing another woman rides her man doesn’t hurt like a man seeing another man pound his girl”

409 views | Francis Azuka | April 7, 2021

A Nigerian man has sparked reactions on social media after he said men are more pained when their partners cheat on them.

In a post on Twitter, the man with the username @_Ortodox argued that a man can barely stand another man having sex with his girl

“Cheating hurts men more. Can’t explain it man. A woman seeing another woman rides her man no fit hurt reach a man seeing another man pounding his girl in missionary to a squirting mess. Lord”.

Reacting to the post, some users made the following comments.

@Temmy__Girl – Yeah that’s why men can’t handle half the shit they dish out.

@GracyOloitaa – Oh! Really??? Didn’t know a particular gender is built for pain while the other one deserves none.. wonders shall never end is cheating not cheating again?

@Catherinedoyin1 – It depends on who loves who most out of the duo And the circumstances surrounding it.

@Buttergirllll – So basically men can’t handle what they dish out?

@real_ujumbaeyi – To the other gender If it would hurt you, don’t do it to another.


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