Professor Yemi Déclaration : My Worries

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

He comes across to anybody meeting him for the first time as a fine, refined and savoury gentleman. His intelligence and oratory are unarguably infectious. Hate him or like him, the compelling words of his , the style of with which he crafts them and the sonorous manner of his rendering can’t but leave one awestruck.

He mounts the podium, the very moment he opens his mouth to the last breath singling the end of his presentation, stillness and widening of eyes in admiration are usually the normal overwhelming emotion many deal with .

This isn’t a one off thing. It is his nature, effortlessly he delivers in same manner, energy, passion and prowess.

Few hours ago ,I saw a clip of his, at first I thought it was his normal political engagements on Trader’s Money, Economic Policies, School Feeding Programme etc. Little did I know that he was out there to declare his interest to run for the president of the nation come 2023. Nice one!

He has the right constitutionally to pursue his destiny and “life ambition” in that direction, as much as we have the right to say yes or no to it.

His speech was quite flowery and obviously patronising. His usual steam of flawless communication skills was not lost. Even when I was not impressed by the content of his message, which I adjudged strategically lame, lacking in perceivable solutions to the pandemic of social political and economic failures that have held us down, I still couldn’t stop listening to him.

His talk , if it were a debate competition would have ranked among the best, but as a solid and impeccable recovery framework of a drowning nation, the steam wasn’t there.

He lost me if not because of his power of oratory engagement, when he started by reminding us of what we chose to allow slide into the past .

It reminded me of the various lies they told us seven years ago. The same integrity they used as a bait to hoodwink us, is appearing again not at the end of his speech but at the very introduction of it. He thinks we forget easily? He thinks we have forgotten the heavy lies of 2015? How Mr integrity was used to sell a green snake to us. They made him a magician, whose presence would make corruption, criminal and criminality stand shrivelled on his track.

His speech didn’t suggest the power to break away from this old wobbling path, to a path that could give hope, vision and political will.

He speech wasn’t confrontation to the ills, dragons and hydra headed monsters that have given us bruises. It rather romancized it, pandering on them and making them look normal.

We are done with the lies. We are done and dusted with their gimmicks. We are overly disappointed by the way they took us from our average lifestyle to a life that is poverty and penury personified.

Oshibanjo! I like you as person, you will do well as a motivational guru.

You have conscience and your sense of integrity isn’t in doubt; on this strength, being a good and resourceful Pastor would be soul lifting and a call you should make out time to answer full time.

Your ambition to become the president of this country is a Nah! Absolutely nah for me!!

Being the President of this nation, demands more than the above qualities of yours. Obviously you don’t have them, regrettably too!

You would be submerged and the overpowering intrigues of this cabal that held us down for seven years wouldn’t allow you to breath.

Becoming the president of this country would be a continum of the inglorious seven years of suffering, hardships and total collapse of our nation’s security architecture.

We are not ready to go that route again, not In quick succession.

To those who are ready to vote for either APC or PDP as a party, it is your choice and right. But if I am to advise, voting personality other than party sentiments would be a good option.

But who does this cap fit ? Many of them. Where are they? Around us? Will the entrenched political cabal of monstrous gut and power allow them to emerge?

Nigeria must be rescued!


#Jarlath Opara

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