“President Muhammadu Buhari, These ‘Surprises’ Are Choking Us To Death”

748 views | Stanley Ugagbe | May 15, 2021

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina has continued to tag those who air their grievances over the growing deteriorating state of the nation as ‘wailers’ – Today, I want to wail. In a time of critical oppression, every onlooker is either a coward or a beneficiary of the execrable dividends of mephistophelean leaders.

The issues rocking NIGERIA are so enormous and overwhelming that if you attempt to harp on everything, you may end up obfuscating not just yourself but your audience so I will attempt to x-ray a selected few particularly the burning repugnant developments.

But then, which is more salient – is it insecurity, is it lopsided appointments, is it corruption, is it unemployment, is it ethnicity, is it political upheavals, or is it even the President’s continued ‘unawareness’ over happenings under his nose ? Those are crucial issues ripping the nation apart but let’s even pretend as if they’re non-existent and focus on the below!

How and why fuel price has become a nightmare is perhaps a conundrum that only Femi Adesina can explain. How and why prices of food items are SOARING like cedars of lebanon is another lugubrious, insalubrious development that perhaps, the Minister of Information and Culture, the only man who has never lied before, Alhaji Lai Mohammed needs to explain to well-meaning Nigerians.

Why is the Buhari administration choking us with death-trap “surprises”. Is this a deliberate act to fulfil his prior election promise of “We will surprise Nigerians?”. Prior to election, didn’t Buhari say his administration “will build a nation where only good news will emanate from to the world?” How is it that we are being drowned with bad policies, jiggery-pokery executions and ferocious clampdown on those who speak truth to power?

Food items are so exorbitant that I am afraid of the fate of the common man. Since those in government (whose heads are abroad while their anus are ahome) have made it a duty to share the nation’s commonwealth among themselves, how is it that they don’t want the common man to feed? Is that how dark, cruel, and evil their hearts are? How are they making leadership seem like it’s one occultic association? Did they sell their conscience to the devil? Are they ignorant of the excruciating hard times we are?

Dear President Buhari, we cannot go and meet God for the things He has already blessed us with. The resources of this blessed country are enormous, they are in your hands – why are you not utilizing them for the wellness of every Nigerian?

I am Stanley Ugagbe, a deeply concerned #Nigerian

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