Poverty Armed Robbers Immortality Fueled by Nouveau Riche

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When politicians failed you, professors failed you, bosses failed you, banks failed you, relatives failed you, pastors and imams failed you: who is going to deliver us from the devil?  It boils down to You and Your Chi. That is Me, Myself and I. Until we are tested, you never realize the Supreme Being within you. This is why Africans survive in the most hostile environment outside home against all odds. Mumu at home Tiger outside! 

What encourages perseverance, hard work and long-term investment in the community we live in, are slipping away. In spite of the death sentence on kidnappers in some states, greed has captured many men and women including our pastors and imams. They are being kidnapped for ostentatious display of luxuries or may have joined them; by kidnapping themselves and asking church members for ransom. 

Women are coming out claiming they were turned into sex slave by men of God. So our pastors and imams are also tempted by nice moderate, not too big ikebe. We should not be surprised that Poverty, Armed Robbers, Kidnappers and Immorality in our churches and mosque are increasing when money-miss-road expose themselves on social media thanking God for exotic cars, houses, designer items and personal aircrafts.   

Despite obvious evidence that fast money has short lifespan, lotteries come and go fast while drugs money only compounds your problems and makes many of us bankrupt morally. Forget FBI or EFCC cashistic first, regret it later. The new generation and even their poor parents have ways of celebrating vanities and tastes that have liquidated our moral fiber. You do not ask or care how our kids and youth make their money anymore.

The silent majority gave up and the rest of us cherish the selfish economic gains that come our ways. We blame everything on our leaders while we encourage and celebrate   obscene diversion and accumulation of commonwealth for personal aggrandizement in and outside the country. People sell patriotic values to foreigners as long as they get a cut. Who else would celebrate the demise of a country at the expense of selfish gains? 

Honestly, the situation has not changed today compared to the days our fathers sold gold in exchange for mirrors. We are still being used as experimental guinea pigs. Europeans and Americans are exposing the Chinese and the Russians for taking advantage of Africans. The same way they did until Asians beat them with lower rates.

The fact is, these parasitic relationship Africa has with all of them is not sustainable. A good case in point is Ajaokuta Steel that has not been productive in 40 years. Russians agreed to build it after others refused because they did not want competition creating steel glut in the world market. So, Russians agreed to build but either way, we lost!

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