Police asks bereaved woman to hire voodoo priest

A lady who goes by the name Ifeanyi has come online to express shock over the process of tracking her brother’s killers. The lady, who hails from Umuokwe in Ogwashi Uku, a town in Delta state, narrated how her younger brother was shot by unknown gunmen who turned out to be cultists.

He did not die on the spot but was taken to a hospital where the management insisted that treatment can only be done when a police report is brought. In the process of getting the report, the young man died.

The wife of the dead man then went to the police to inform them of the incident, but the police said it is a cult case and that there is nothing they can do about it.

The sister of the man shot dead who insists that her brother is innocent and not a cultist, said she has tried contacting community leaders, commissioners and even the governor of the state, all to no avail. Most of them reiterated that there is nothing they could do.

She contacted a lawyer who was honest enough in not swindling her by collecting a consultation fee without doing anything. The lawyer explained that it is the responsibility of the police to catch the perpetrators of the crime and not hers.

The sister lamented that if left unchecked, the killing of youths in the community will continue, as some have already being killed without anything being done. Even more disappointing for her is the fact that the police advised her to contact a voodoo priest to curse the killers.


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