Performance Management System Is A Winning Strategy – Abel

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Police Affairs, Mr. Abel Olumuyiwa Enitan has pointed out that the Performance Management System (PMS) will facilitate the much-needed interface between the superior officers and their subordinates to agree on a work schedule for effective service delivery and increase productivity.

He stated this during the training on Performance Management System (PMS) modules 1-5 and 6-9) organized for the directorate cadre of the Ministry of Police Affairs held at the Ministry’s Conference room, Federal Secretariat, Abuja.

Abel said that Performance Management System (PMS) is the latest initiative of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation that would enable improvement in service delivery due to agreement between officers and subordinates and measurement of the productivity of civil servants.

The Permanent Secretary expressed that PMS affords an opportunity for better interactions between different areas of operational decision making adding that if the service gets it right at directorate cadre levels, it becomes easier to mainstream it in various departments.

In his words, “We decided to involve Deputy and Assistant Directors for a simple reason that they too will come up and assess people working with them and if they get it right and where the director is not easily available, they fill the gap and take up the responsibility of assessing people working under them. They can join hands with directors to drive the process successfully”.

He added that as PMS is to replace Annual Performance Evaluation Report (APER), it has many benefits compared to APER and the need to understand the process very well and impact it on others. There would be resistance at different levels because people have not really appreciated the need for PMS but the resistance would be weakened with time. Abel stressed.

The resource person, Professor Adeyemi Ajayi stated that Performance Management System (PMS) is a replacement for the Annual Performance Evaluation Review (APER). APER was considered to be ineffective, bearing in mind the global change and the need for the Federal Civil Service to improve in its performance drive for national benefits and improvement in service to the citizens of Nigeria.

He added that PMS reduces the rate of subjectivity and it is expected to be objective focusing on the key result areas where civil servants are expected to deliver key results.

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