People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and it’s “rescue” mantra

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The forth Republic primed in 1999 was renaissance of a sort to those who witnessed the military invasion of the Nigerian Democratic space.​

When mutinous Nigeria Soldiers allegedly led by Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu and Emmanuel Ifeajuna in 1966, little did they knew the dark cloud their horrific attempt was grooming which surely has become the bane of underdevelopment, impunity, corruption, high-handedness, unregulated racial ​ discrimination, which unwittingly has underlined our National history. The reason for the spate of military unguided sensational coup between January, 1966 – August, 1993 which has occupied a more lager number of our national life, is not really different from the awful song we sing today; “ The Men at the helm of affairs were running Nigeria aground with their corrupt ways” Flamboyant life styles, looting of public funds, impunity, gross misconduct against laid down rules, molestation of patriotic and free ​ citizens was a political norm. The political class was doubtless notorious, the civil service became a soft spot for economic saboteurs.

The unfettered chronicles of military intrigues formed the cradle of the sensational democracy that was crespitated in 1999. In the words of the notable Nigerian Historian Max Siollun, “ Military coup and military rule ( which began as an emergency aberration) became a seemingly permanent feature of Nigerian politics” The recurring stigma of coup in successions, alligning authoritarian and corrupts governments of false promises with no meaningful and valid effort to build a robust vibrant prospering Nation.Apart from 1979-1989, the military held power between 1966-1998 without interruption; the January 1966 coup and July 1966 counter-coup that emerged General Aguiyi Ironsi and Major General Yakubu Gowon respectively, not all, the July 1975 coup that favoured Brigadier Murtala Muhammed as head of State, the popular unsuccessful Lieutenant Colonel Buka Suka Dimka coup attempt that crowned Lieutenant General Olusegun Obasanjo as Head of State, worthy of reference also is the December 1983 coup that whisked Major General Muhammadu Buhari away into power, who was the General Officer commanding, 3rd Armoured Division Jos, still very fresh in​ mind is August 1985 palace coup on who’s crest Major General Ibrahim Babangida assumed Head of State to unleash his famous National economic flank, I have win the temptation to skip the December 1985 and the 1990 alleged coup attempt, there was also the November 1993 palace coup to bring General Sani Abacha with his draconian power of absolutism, trashing our economic pride in a fixed despondency. In case I decide to leave some I called non substantial coup details, pardon the writing.

What then is it that has really changed? The drama that played out in 1999 staged for Republic emergence which seemingly in many ways was a revival of the second republic of 1979-1983, repeating it’s challenges such as multiple ministries that stiffen policy planning. The forth republic coined after the ill-fated second republic ushered in the new republic headed by the humongous People’s Democratic Party (PDP). If there ought to be anything as ‘rescue’ scheme, reasonably useful to be part of a strategic goal applicable to a non material non-invisible entity as country ​ in this case Nigeria why not rather “rebuild” postulation? People’s Democratic Party’s 1999 forth republic ceremonial and profound slogan ought to have reflected the so called “Rescue” soliloquy or the likes to inform their genuine intent and purposes. PDP was in absolute control of our political democracy, our National common wealth for sixteen (16) uninterrupted years from 1999-2015 representing 26% of our post independent life as a Nation.

Are they planning to rescue Nigeria or Nigerians? Or actually thinking of rebuilding the shattered indigenous Nationality walls that stitched us together as a Nation? Which ever seems or really represents their hope or thought, Nigeria does not seem to require rescuing, or any Nigerian either, the rescue war was concluded in 1999 from the military tranche as it was the case assumably. The People’s Democratic Party’s new National Chairman Senator Lyorchia Ayuh committed the party to a rescue mission game for Nigeria, in his words “ PDP is back, it is back to rescue Nigeria from the terrible mess we have been in the last six years”as published on punch of 31st October, 2021. Someone needs to inform the new National Chairman that the foundation PDP put up is breeding well for the past six years. The country is in deep need of tested proven sensational National economic builders not fire rescue agents.

The 2023 pro political power anticipators should be more strategic in galvanizing their useful relevant plans and goals which correspondingly frames their utterance and slogan. Both PDP and APC has given us much to retrospect; capabilities, competence, capabilities, political will, people-driven and oriented goals. Nigerians are now wiser, more educated, more informed and less inducive. Anambra election is a perfect test of the people’s proactivity. Thanks to the National Assembly, direct primaries returns power to the people, one step away from those who soled the nation to ridicule.

​Dimgba O. Nduka


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