Penis, Toto And The Other Commodities Feeding Many Nigerian Homes

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In recent times, there has been so much attention on what is happening in the political space that many homes have surreptitiously become a show of shame and there is very little concern. It is good that we are trying to get the leadership of this great nation right, but if we fail to get it right at the home front, which is the foundation and bedrock of the society, we are headed for a long walk.

While it can be argued that the growing poverty in the land was orchestrated by successive governments and compounded by the current Government, what I am not sure of is how many of the parents we have around today lost their ‘voice’ in the home.

Before our very eyes, the ‘home’ which is the foundation of the society is gradually becoming a breeding ground for all manner of unscrupulous elements and a chunk of the parents who ought to be custodian of the home have little or nothing to say or do to curb these vices. Unfortunately, these vices are plummeting this great nation into a pit that may cost us many years to come out from.

The popular saying, “there is dignity in labour” is gradually becoming archaic as many of the young people we have around today would rather opt for any available egregious and repugnant means of enriching themselves and possibly their household than painstakingly look for a legitimate hustle.

Your ‘jobless’ daughter is the breadwinner of the home so you dare not question her moves. She goes out and returns with more than enough and you dance and praise God for His goodness in your household. She has a retinue of men she is servicing, who will in turn enrich her bank account. She has landed properties and some of the most expensive gadgets and it doesn’t bother you that this girl is ‘jobless’ but has choice properties.

Her ‘Toto’ is her commodity and it is selling rapidly. Perhaps, she has some daring ‘nyansh and breast’ that form part of her Unique Selling Point. They call themselves ‘small girls with big God’. Needful to mention that one of the small girls with big God recently mentioned that if you have big soft nyansh, you can never suffer.

Your ‘jobless’ son is giving you so much joy because ‘God’ is using him to cover the supposed ‘shame’ in your household. He is the breadwinner. All he needs to do is to step out and once he returns, ‘everywhere go stew’. It doesn’t matter what he does, – internet fraud, stealing by tricks, kidnapping etc, what matters is that he is bringing food home. Sad to mention that the penis has a commodity that some lads trade with ‘sugar mummies’. So it is longer only females who trade ‘toto,’ men now trade penis.

Without mincing words, I am alarmed by how many of our homes have become a breeding ground for all manner of iberiberism and some of the parents we have around today are not distressed, not to talk of addressing those vices.

The home used to be the first institution where the right values were instilled in children and young people. Most of the parents we used to have in the past were very particular about deploying all arsenals within their capacity to ensure that children under the nose were properly raised. I remember that neighbors and community elders contributed to the raising of every child. Even if you are not their child, they scold and correct you when you misbehave in their presence. Some will go as far as telling your parents about your ‘wokeness’ so that they can checkmate it.

Growing up, if you bring just ‘biscuit home, you would need to detail how you got it – who gave you. And where our parents were not satisfied with your reasons, they go as far as going to ask the person that gave you that item.

However, things have changed – but unfortunately, not for the better. Many of the parents we have around are woke, irresponsible, shameless, and are not worthy to father/mother children. How does your ‘jobless’ son/daughter even become the breadwinner and you care not about the source of his/her ‘doings’. And to exacerbate this, you attribute their misdemeanors to God’s blessings. How woke can a people be!

To aggravate this trajectory of wokeness, neighbors no longer care about what another person’s child does. ‘After all, s/he is not my child,’ ‘if I talk to am now, s/he fit insult me’. All of a sudden, the Biblical injunction of ‘be your brother’s keep’ no longer mean a thing to many people.

The bewildering thing is that in the midst of this incessant wokeness, all of us will go to Church on Sunday to raise ‘Holy Hands’ and go to Mosque on Friday to bow ‘Holy Heads’. Not only are we braggadociously threading on this lugubrious trajectory, we also dare cat-walk into God’s presence with our filthiness without fear.

Dear Nigerian Parents, I am pained that some of you are failing in your duties. Need I remind you that the home is the foundation of the society? If the foundation is faulty, we cannot build a functional system. I urge you to retrace your steps, and begin to inculcate the right values on every child within your reach.

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