PDP Giving Itself Away As Destabilizers Of Nigeria- Presidency

The Presidency on Tuesday said the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has given itself away as being interested only in the destabilization of the country.

It said the PDP hopes peradventure, it could then sneak its way back to power after that.

The Presidency made the assertion in a statement today by the Special Adviser to the President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina.

It said less than 24 hours after the Department of State Services (DSS) raised alarm about sinister plots by some elements to cause disorder in the land, using the energy crisis as a smokescreen, the PDP issued a statement, saying; “Our party fears that the situation is getting to a boiling point and can trigger a nationwide agitation that might be worse than the October 2020 EndSARS if not addressed immediately.”

It queried why the PDP would use such words at a critical time as this.

“Which patriotic political party or organization ever threatens its country with anarchy, social upheaval and disorderliness, except one still smarting from its snout being yanked from the honeypot, as happened to PDP in 2015?’ the Presidency queried.

It however expressed happiness that Nigerians are wiser now and are not ready for another misrule.

“We wish to remind the now tepid opposition party that it was Nigerians that gave it the boot 7 years ago, and those same Nigerians have not forgotten the travails they experienced, at a time the country was awash with money: no power, no infrastructure, insurgents ran riot round the nation, and our collective patrimony was looted blind.

“Those same Nigerians are not ready for another PDP misrule, not now, and perhaps not for a long time to come.

“Rather than plot and encourage “agitation worse than October 2020 EndSARS,” which it may well be conceiving, the PDP should work for harmony and cohesion in the country, if it ever understands such concept.

“EndSARS signified murder, mayhem, mass destruction, even cannibalism. PDP now wishes Nigeria something worse.

“A presidential aspirant of the PDP has warned that the party would die by 2023, unless it wins the Number One position in the country.

“And die it would, if the party wishes the country nothing except something worse than EndSARS,” Adesina said.

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