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Shot of a mother and daughter at home

In the first part of this piece, ways by which parents contribute to the depravity of the children were mentioned such as wrong mode of dressing, negligence and exposure to X-rated movies and the likes. This piece will focus on expatiating on Governmental incompetence.

Incompetence means the lack of skill or ability to do your job or task as it should be done. As Government means the group of people who are responsible for controlling a country or state. SinceNigerian Government is practicing the democratic system of government and democracy is a system of government in which all the people of a country can vote to elect their representatives, this vividly shows that the elected representatives are expected to represent the people and their opinion but reverse seems to be the case in Nigeria because the representatives do not only represent themselves and their opinions, they also do not welcome the people’s opinion and ideas. They also do not waste time in displaying their incompetence when they get to power.

The rate of insecurity in our Nation these days is quite visible to the blind and audible to the deaf and this keeps increasing day by day as a result of banditry and kidnapping. People can no longer move peacefully from one place to another because of this hazard. The country moves from one incidence of banditry and kidnap to the other. To mention but few of these incidents; the Kankara School Boys kidnapping of December 11, 2020, Boko Haram’s kidnap of six aid workers in July 18, 2019, University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) lecturers’ kidnap of July 2017, Babington Macaulay School Girls abduction in February 29, 2016,Chibok School Girls Kidnapping on April 14, 2014,and so much more. This kind of incident keeps repeating itself and the Nigerian Government has been unable to curb if not put a total end to it, yet there is an army in the country which keeps recruiting the youths each and every year without a comforting result.

Also, unemployment keeps knocking the country down as countless numbers of people are unemployed and countless graduates keep joining the unemployed every year. The country is blessed with Petrol, Gold and other Natural Resources which some other countries do not even possess, yet the country keeps wallowing in poverty due to the mismanagement of public fund by the government which keeps borrowing money from other countries running the country into debts yet incapable of solving the pressing issue of unemployment in the country which in turn makes the youths get involved in criminal activities.

Lack of infrastructure and social amenities is another factor which put this country in the state of ridicule. The emergence of Corona Virus was more or less ‘the wind which blows, making bare the anus of the fowl’, because during this period, we got to realise that the ‘giant of Africa’ do not have standard hospitals in almost every state of the country. People in government could no longer travel out of the country for treatment as movement was restricted and different states which ought to have standard hospitals started bringing Covid-19 patients into Lagos and people started wondering if these states do not have state government. The Government fails to standardize the public hospitals and run abroad for treatment whenever they are unhealthy, leaving the country undeveloped, talkless of the bad road, water scarcity and power supply which arealso nothing to write home about.

Furthermore, it is the duty of the government to make sure that different tribes which make up the country are in unity but then, how do we explain the situation whereby there is favouritism towards a particular tribe by the government, leaving out other tribes? Such a government is heading toward secession. If there is any clash between two or more tribes, the government is supposed to be on the fence and not react only when a particular tribe is in danger, but reverse is what we have in our nation today because every now and then, cases of killing has been happening between different tribes in Nigeria while the government is displaying a kind of indifferent and non-challant attitude but only react when a particular tribal group is in danger. In fact the government of nowadays is a tribal thing. Such incompetence!

In addition, the rule of law in which all members of the society including its rulers accept the authority of law has been sidelined. The law is no longer above everyone because a particular right has been denied the people. How can we easily and quickly forget the killing of the peaceful protesters in the month of October 20, 2020? These protesters started the protest before the pronouncement of the curfew which was targeted to prevent them from demanding for their rights. They were brutally killed while waving the Nigerian Flag by the Nigerian Army. Citizens can no longer fight for their right using even peaceful means because the government which the people voted in and rely on, has turned against its people.

So also, underfunding of the Nigerian police can also be blamed on the government’s incompetence because majority of the police officers have turned themselves into public legalized beggars.People who are expected to keep the lives and properties of the citizens secured have turned into beggars, they collect bribes from people and criminals and they do this without displaying any feeling of shame or guilt because they are paid little amount of money as salary. Imagine a police officer who is sent on duty to guard a politician gets to know and see the kind of luxurious life the politician lives with his/her family, goes back home to the poverty stricken life he lives with his family, can such officer be happy to carry out his duty as required of him/her? I was on my way to my work place about four months ago, along Victoria Island, not knowing that the driver was a police officer. He collected the t-fare from the passengers but refused to give them change, claiming that his bus developed a fault a day before and he spent a lot of money in repairing it. When he got to a junction where a young lady alighted and demanded for her change, instead of giving her, the officer zoomed off like a criminal being chased and passengers started cursing him but the worst part of it was that, this officer was unflinching and even wanted to deny another passenger her change if not for a valiant youth who came to her rescue. The officers who are supposed to convict people for crimes have turned criminals themselves due to poor funding by the government.

In respect to the failure on the part of the parents in the upbringing of the children at home and the incompetence displayed by the government on issues which aregermane to the society, our nation is in massive trouble because the parents are supposed to lay the foundation at home through training, timely correction and prompt attention to the children in other for them to be good citizens of the country but if the foundation is faulty, what are we supposed to do? In as much as the government too is not trying any possible means to alleviate the people’s problems, but only work towards preventing the people from fighting for their rights, how then will the country develop? The parents and government are implored to do the needful because if the parents are laying good foundation at home and government too is working towards making life bearable for the citizens, then peace will reign and the country too will develop.

The parents should focus on giving their children prompt and rapt attention and also stop instigating depravity among the little ones while the government on the other hand should stop being indifferent to inactions of a particular tribe while displaying loyalty and tribal empathy towards a particular tribe in order to give way for peaceful rapport among the different tribes. If the foundation is well built at home, then our nation will be built too on nothing other than a solid rock but for this to happen also, the government too should start necessary reformation in order to complement the parent’s effort.

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