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ozØne Freestyle Fridays

The ozØne Freestyle Fridays is a platform built to challenge artists to showcase their potentials to the world. It provides a beautiful springboard for the best artists to be seen, celebrated and rewarded for their passion in showcasing their talents.

Every Friday, it features any vocal genré of music, squaring the contestants against each other in a battle-like manner, so they can outdo themselves and aim for the crown at the end of each month, then sieved at the end of each quarter of the year and ultimately battling for the star prize of the ozØne King of the Microphone for every year (season). In a detailed form, every Friday, the platform features artists whom are screened by judges and are voted for in an online polling system every month; the winner of a particular month is joined by winners from the other two months in a quarter to compete for the title of King of a quarter ( Quarter King ) in a year. Being that there are 4 quarters in a year, it is expected that every quarter produces a king. Making it 4 kings in a year, who would all gun for the ozØne king of the microphone for the said year.
However, if an artist doesn’t qualify for the finals or if they don’t make it to the title of a month or quarter, and they feel they still have what it takes to reembark on the Marathon, they can always re-register and give it yet another shot. Hopefully, they would have learnt and improved on their style and approach for a come back!

The weekly sessions are all to be held online, where an artist freestyles with any given topic in the comfort of their environments and submits the video to a particular link, which would all be collated and judged/voted upon to produce the title winners. Only the quarterly finals and the annual Grand Finale would be held on a Physical stage.

For further enquiries, registration, participation, collaborations and sponsorship, please send a WhatsApp message to 08061220489.

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