Owo Attack: Actions, Not Emotions

Hashim Yussuf Amao

Hashim Yussuf Amao

Agony. Bleak. Tears. In Ayo Fayose’s verbal rendition, Nigeria is in “severe pain”. Pains that continue to wreck destruction on her. Nigeria’s neck is strained, insecurity is gruesomely kneeling on her.

Gory scenes, teary pictures, terrifying videos; as though they were from the Rwanda Genocide or Civil War. Alas, they were from St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State. Agents of doom struck yet again in a ‘mass killing’, this time, not in the core North nor in the South East, but in Owo – a city that literally translates as ‘honour’. Owo was dishonoured by stony-hearted criminals. The Honour of Owo was relegated; the sanctity of a worship place was baited. Eleyi tun kawa laya – this is confounding!

‘Mass murder’ has gripped many Nigerian states; but in the South West, Ondo State is just one among the few cauldrons. This latest and dreadful attack seems to open a new page of ‘mass murder’ in the Yorubaland, especially when it’s coming just 365 days after a ‘mass murder’ was perpetrated in Igangan of Oyo State. No thanks to killer pastoralists, who sent innocent souls on a bloody journey of no return.

Had the identity of the perpetrators been revealed to be Northern Killer Pastoralists, I would have given their hegemonic and feudalistic mentality a space in this piece. But in distressing times when emotions naturally becloud the senses, reality should have its way. Every tribe has bad eggs who perpetrate vile acts. The prime suspects in the 2017 Ozubulu Church mass killing in Awka were Igbos. Withal, regardless of who the Owo Church mass killing are, the question only remains: Would Igangan and Owo ‘mass killings’ be among the many to hit Yorubaland if swift and strict measure is not adopted?

Obviously, this dreary attack hits differently; that hues and cries have poured from all orifices of the country; but my mind keeps telling me these emotions will fade in a few days and it’ll all end up in prayers while we get back to our usual activities as though nothing had happened. Then BOOM, we get struck again – God forbid. Such is the vicious circle of Nigerians’ actions towards boiling issues, which has not helped our bad situations over the years.

Delving into the collosal failure of the Federal Government would only waste time further, we can’t wait to see this administration go already. We would only continue to plead that human feelings run through those at the helm of Nigeria’s affairs, at least. Southwest Governors should hearken towards the insecurity that’s brewing in the region. ACTIONS, NOT EMOTIONS should be on top gear. The Amotekun, since its inception, has done commendably well; but more drastic actions need to be in place. Lest these brewing mass killings in Yorubaland boomerang into full insecurity like the other regions’. We rebuke that more bloodshed follows the Igangan and Owo’s.

The perpetrators should be apprehended by all means, regardless of the tribe or group they represent. Ogulutu wọn – their payback – should be that they are treated with a taste of their bad medicine. They should be sent to God with immediate effect; for only He can accommodate them, we can’t afford to do that here. Nigeria is already sitting on a powder keg. Nowhere is safe. It’s all doom here! Oh Lord, do not forsake us, for we brought these upon ourselves.


Hashim Yussuf Amao

Twitter: @LegalBard

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