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Our Wealthy Laundered Africa Destitute For 2nd Class Status Abroad

African money and talents launderers know exactly that they are getting 2nd class status abroad before they leave. They comfort themselves by convincing their families, it is their personal sacrifice to get them a good life while killing the same opportunity at home for most Africans. Only to find out that with less diligence, they could have built a better country and more opportunities at home where they are more influential and effective.

Most of them actually toil harder abroad than they do at home, working against all odds to survive with all their money and talents. Despite the money and talents they bring with them abroad, their bad experiences in the hands of people of bad faith, are worse than those told by General Colin Powell or President Obama with sterling accomplishments. It does not matter how many of the launderers are robbing Africa to pay Paul, they are denying Africans basic necessities of life.

Indeed, foreigners ask: if you are that good and talented, why not fix your village or country? Ladies and gentlemen, it is the difference between those that are successful and those that are failures. If you know you are so good and talented, why work for someone else when you can use the same capabilities to make yourself or country a success. It is the difference between ready-made or finished products and raw materials.

Though some foreign countries query or even jail them for laundering African resources and talents, these foreigners can’t believe there is a debate among Africans about who the worst exploiters of earned foreign incomes are. Some Africans believe their leaders are worse than the Europeans that colonized Africa. Indeed, they claimed they would have been better off under colonial rule. Most of the Youths have never experienced a capable African leader.

The African Continent has forever been a plantation to feed the rest of the world with abundant natural and human resources. The African leadership and businesses welcome the exploitation of the Plantation that never stops abuses and keeps on giving. They have moved another step further into self-annihilation by laundering meagre earned foreign income.

No matter how you feel about Dangote, credit him for being honest enough to tell you what other local and international businesses will not come out and tell you. Their aim is to launder money accumulated in Africa out in order to protect their families’ fortune outside Africa. They are not different from international corporations whose goal is to maximize profits out of Africa for their foreign shareholders.

They have no reason to invest any substantial part of their profits apart from crumbs, in Africa. When you understand how Africa remains a Plantation to other continents in the 21st Century, you bow your head in sorrow. Then wonder why you did not use your talents and money to make your home a better place. No matter where you are, some people are debased, others are disrespected or treated like low lives.

However, if you are well accomplished in your country, you are accorded some difference. The same is not true outside, no matter how successful you are in a village or country that is not yours. They close their borders to lock you out and harass you before you get in with a valid visa. Only Africans glorify foreign prophets. African prophets that successfully increase memberships in Europe are frivolous charged to impede them. The saying that a prophet has no honor at home can’t be further from the truth there.

Nevertheless, there are also some advantages you gain from outside experiences if you use it well to the advantage of your home. You become aware that no human is superior to another. But while some people cooperate to achieve and reach their highest goals using others when they are useful, others feed on the ignorance of their 2nd class citizens that eke out a living for sustainability. They fight hard to keep them ignorant and deny them an opportunity to vote.

An African wrote an essay about how perfect Whites are compared to how flawed Blacks are. Most of what he considered flawless were learnt from missionaries, religions, the “civilized” beauty of a democratic culture propagated at the expense of his own. We then wonder how we lost confidence in ourselves in Africa. Most of us are programmed through the educational system accordingly. Asians took and utilized that education while keeping their culture intact.

What we witnessed recently across Europe and America is not messy sausage making in democracy but a mean-spirited people that refused to accept clean and the fairest Election in modern times because it was “contaminated” by minorities gaining voting powers by invasion, at a disadvantage to ruling power. This they see as diluting their strength at home in the same democracy they preached outside!

Therefore, the much cherished democracy they preach around the world to placard their uncultured instincts of cruelty exposes hypocrisy. The Evangelical Christians and Muslims belong to the conservative extremist movement against women freedom. They pray to God for the return of the good old days. Indeed, anyone that teaches history of past racial and social injustice is woke. Those who fail to learn from history will repeat past ignoble atrocities.

They do not see it as atrocities, but as a way of putting some people into their place. They see you as people “contaminating” their democracy, yet our Youths and senile politicians rush there with money and talents at the risk of jail for money laundering or even their lives. If you cannot face your oppressors at home but boldly face people that do not want you around by crashing their borders, it becomes a compulsive act that needs treatment for colo-mentality.

It is ironic that when these Africans join their political circles overseas, they are absorbed by conservatives that use them against their own people. They become the political face of the extremists against migrants and oppressive laws. Refugees from Arab and African countries have become puns between Belarus and Poland. Human beings are transported by State actors promising them free entry!

Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa


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