Open Marriage And Entanglement: Can This Be One Of The Solution To Marriage Crisis

I’ve always known where I stand when it comes to dating and marriage – monogamy, exclusivity, etc but right now, the grounds I stand on are shaky and I doubt I’m alone in this. A few months ago, if you asked me, I would say there should not be any room for sharing partners in a relationship. For me, it has always been a huge and a capital NO.
The world, clearly, is changing before our eyes and it’s even possible that we haven’t noticed it yet. Talking about open relationships and entanglement, you’ve probably guessed where I’m taking a cue from. Yes, you guessed right! Of course, it has to be the Will – Jada – August saga. I still think that even though Jada gave the perception that she didn’t cheat given the fact that she was separated from Will at that time; I think there’s more to the story that we don’t know about and they are not willing to share all the details with the public.
We can only try to piece things together from Jada and August’s separate interviews and come to an individual conclusion or perception that makes sense to us. The only thing I find baffling in that chaos is the idea of an open marriage. I mean why stay married if you are going to be fucking other people anyway? (Excuse my french)
Before the internet went wild as a result of August’s claims (that Will gave his permission and blessings to his relationship with Jada), rumour had it that the Smiths had an open marriage which means they could have sexual relations with whoever they wanted as long as their partner sanctioned it. 
What people, including Nigerians, had to say at the time baffled and interested me because it made me really realize how time has changed for a lot of conventional practices for real.
Some were like, let couples do what works for them; some said, it’s their marriage, let them do whatever they want; some others even praised them. Why this is baffling to me is this: whatever happened to the age-long marriage tradition such as:
Being with one person whom you love romantically and otherwise.
Being committed and faithful to that one person.
Having kids together and bringing them up in one house.
Going on a lifetime journey till death do you part, which means no divorce.
Keeping no secrets.
Being there for each other in your most difficult situations, in sickness, and in health; in poverty and riches.
Having no side chicks, side guys, entanglement or any third party interference.
All these got me thinking. When did all this change? Did time really pass me by and I did not know? What do you think guys? You can share your thoughts, opinions, or suggestions by signing up for free on our anonymous and interactive forum and interact with other users on the forum.
The idea of marriage is no longer for the weak at heart; there are increasing rates of divorce globally; baby mamas everywhere (no shade intended); 5 in 10 millennials will tell you that they never want to get married (me included); so many marriage crises abound (cheating, career support, financial management, etc). The most common is the issue of cheating. Maybe human beings were not made to be monogamous after all. #truetalk
Is there any solution to the crises that have almost crippled the marriage institution? Perhaps, allowing an open marriage or an entanglement will help keep couples together? Do we need to redefine the idea of marriage to include third parties or entanglements? Apparently, what we used to know as marriage is falling apart in a traditional sense of the word. 
Lots of couples are redefining marriage to what works for them in this modern time and age. I believe a lot has always gone on behind the marriage scene, people just choose to not talk about what floats their boat cos no one wants judgment or criticism plus what works for A might not work for B. So you just have to find out what works for you, stick to it and shut your mouth about it.
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