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One thing led to the other and we had sex – a confession

In recent weeks, there has been a surge of nauseating stories about ‘one thing leading to the other’ and ending up in sex. Even though this scourge is as old as man, the sudden increase in the act has become a major source of worry to some of us who are concerned about the sanity of mankind.

In the last one month, I have read a handful of disturbing stories that are hinged on ‘one thing led to another’. Though I am easily knocked off by such cockamamie and usually don’t pay attention, there is a peculiar one I want to share with us and also want us to x-ray critically.

Narrating her ordeal, a certain woman who disclosed that she has been married for ten years with two children, said “It happened that my husband travelled and my kids were on holiday at their grandma’s house, my friend called me that he was around my neighborhood, I told him to check on me before he leaves. He came and we were just gisting and talking, something led to another and before I know what was happening, we are having sex, I felt a kind of electrifying sensations that I have never felt in my whole life. I screamed oh my God, as he started pounding I didn’t know when I was holding him hard and begging him not to stop. I have never felt what I experienced that day in my whole life of being married, I was screaming hard when I wanted to cum, he had to shut me up with a kiss, after everything, he held me. That sex from him made me fall in love with him. I find it difficult to let my husband touch me now, I cry every night knowing I can’t him (my friend) to myself and I can’t divorce my husband for anything. I don’t know what to do”.

Now let’s look at this confession critically.

First, it’s a case of a fellow who is not remorseful about doing what is heinous, but rather concerned about how to continue on the trajectory of ‘knacking’ a man who is not her husband. The use of ‘electrifying,’ ‘pounding’ in describing the act is another pointer to the fact that this woman doesn’t give a damn about what people will say – rather she is being remoted by her sexual urge. More worrisome is the fact that a one-time ‘electrifying pounding’ has made her fallen in love with the home breaker and she sees no wrong with her actions. She even had the guts to scream ‘oh my God’. Person dey commit adultery still dey drag God put – my goodness! This my generation is wonderment!

Oh! I can only imagine how powerful the pounding was – that the man, with just one pound, pounded his way into the heart of another man’s wife – An incident that happened while the husband was away – little wonder, scriptures say while men slept, the enemies came to sow tares among the wheats.

It is possible that her husband may not have been satisfying her sexually. But what stops her from discussing it with him and rather look for a panacea to the problem! This is exactly why scriptures said can a man put his hand on coal and will not be burnt? This is a case of do not eat the forbidden fruit because the day you do, things will never remain the same again!

This incident, is just one among the hundreds and thousands of cases we have today. A few days ago, I read where a married woman said she wants to sleep with other men – she particularly mentioned that she wants another man who would sleep with her for two hours non-stop, adding that married women deserve to sleep with other men as much as they want.

As jaded as this may sound, how and why sex has become so trivialized remains a conundrum to me – that today, anybody can easily remove their pants or boxers and have sex with anybody. Friends dey knack friends, besties na cruise, cousins dey drub waist, married men dey play away matches, married women dey do one thing led to d other and the society is now littered with ‘sex maniacs’.

How do I meet someone I know nothing about their medical history and then after a little conversation, the next thing is that I am removing my pant? That a lot of the male folks can now shoot their penis into anything under skirt and that a lot of women can easily remove their pants, spread legs and allow anything under trouser to dive in, is rather befuddling to me – maybe it’s because I am old school. But how did we get here? That if the conversation doesn’t revolve around sex, it withers with ease!

It’s worrying that a lot of people no longer care about the implications; even if you don’t give a damn about the spiritual repercussions, what about your health? How do you dive into what you don’t know about its content? How do you allow a charger you’re not sure if it has a virus to charge your system?

From the look of things, it seems we have gotten to a point where a lot of people care not about societal morals not to mention the Fear of God – no wonder, a fellow said ‘na God dey fear this generation’. I’m not going to advice anyone, whatever lesson you can deduce from the piece, work with it but make sure you have SENSE in this 2022. Brother, before you dive in, think oooooo. Sister, before you spread legs, think!


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