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Omokri reveals ‘scriptural’ steps of marriage, says bride price only for virgins

Table Shaker, Reno Omokri has shaken another table by saying that bride price should only be paid for virgins.

The former presidential aide made the remark while stating the scriptural steps of getting married in a post on Facebook.

He wrote:

MARRIAGE according to The Scripture

Step 1: Man courts Woman

Step 2: Man proposes marriage to Woman

Step 3: Woman accepts proposal

Step 4: They both tell their parents

Step 5: They have a feast (optional, not mandatory)

Step 6: They start living together as man and wife

End of process!

The issue of bride price only arose IF the girl is a virgin. Please don’t be angry with me. It is not my opinion. Please read Exodus 22:16-17.

Every other thing, including CHURCH and REGISTRY is MAN MADE! No pastor or church is involved! Marriages and weddings are exclusive family affairs (Genesis 2:24, Genesis 24:67). All the government really does is to register your family decision.


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