Omokri Reveals Five Shocking Things That Summarize Life In Nigeria

241 views | Francis Azuka | January 31, 2021

Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s ex-aide, Reno Omokri has disclosed five things that currently summarize life in Nigeria.

Omokri, who is currently on self exile in a post on his Facebook page, pegged the following as the summary of life in Nigeria:

* Herdsmen kill, kidnap and rob communities

* The communities beg government to intervene

* Government does nothing

* The community apply self help

* Government reacts by threatening them to leave herdsmen alone

He continued that “200 million Nigerians now live in fear because if you do not fall victim to the herdsmen in the bush, you will fall victim to the herdsmen in Aso Rock. They work as a team. You criticise Buhari, Bush herdsmen defend him. You criticise Bush herdsmen, and Buhari defends them!”

Omokri concluded by asking “Who will save Nigeria?”


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