Obi Gang And The Wolves

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

The name Peter is everywhere, every mouth that opens and closes, says nothing without mentioning Peter. It is not all that says Lord! Lord!! Are of the Lord. In every 12, Judas surely must be around doing what destiny places on his shoulder.

Few months ago, many thought it was a joke, children’s play, a tale by moon light and a dance in the rain. Those who saw it differently ,knew what they saw, even when the coast was blurred and human wickedness and frustrations palpable, the tempo was sustained and the flag never flown at half mast.

Obi’ destiny is a seed of elasticity, rugged, doggered and highly irrepressible, nothing suppresses it until it springs up, grows and begins to bear fruits.

Like a mustard seed, the Obi phenomenon is growing, shooting out branches where many birds of the earth will come to nest, chirping and get their daily meal.

Now that the primaries are done and dusted, the wheat sieved from chaffs, the heavy weight from the light weight and the ‘kabukabu separated from the Ubars and Taxifiers”, many are aligning and re-aligning, seeking nothing but their selfish goals and interest.

To those serial political jobbers, those easy virtues in our political space whose stock in trade is to hype politicians and get paid, who see nothing of vision, competence, integrity and godliness but how much they would cut from the national cake, Obi’ gangs no dey give shishi and they no dey collect.

We are the ” Obidient gang” our “gangsterism” isn’t conventional, seeking nothing but the very things our politicians have turned into prayer points for the masses. We are the gang, moving in great numbers , set to sweep and root out corruption , making sure people get what is due to them, get things by competence and excellence, not through the push and drive of halo effect syndrome.

We are the Obi’ gang, a phenomenon that awes and overwhelmes the wolves, hyenas and jackals of our politicians. Whose loots and recklessness have plunged many into misery, woes ,ignominy even to their early grave.

We are the Peter’ gang, “we no dey give shishi any how, we no dey collect any how”. We are Obi-diently humanists, seeking nothing to enrich our selves but to give smiles and hope to as many as we can through good governance.

We are the Obi’ Gang, epitomising values and morals in every sphere of governance. “We no dey give any how” ,we no dey collect anyhow”, obsessed about nothing but integrity, honesty and excellent corporate governance.

We are the Gang, a movement, with a cloud of witnesses everywhere ,who pine and long for a society of fairness, equity , justice, tolerance and excellence.

We move with locust speed, dismoutling any structure that is anti masses. We no know barrier, boundaries isn’t in our dictionary, the train has moved, nothing stops it until it gets to its final destination.

Join the train. We no dey give any how we no dey take any how. Wolves and hyenas are also welcome, in this Obi’ gang, the baptism of “we no dey give any how and we no dey collect any how would be administered for transformation.

This is the time of deliverance, if anybody thinks it will be bussines as usual, then disillusionment might of course be the very ailment that holds such a person captive.

Like a dream, when God delivers Israel from captivity, so it would be when the reign and time of Peter would make what initially was impossible easy and ones for the asking.

We are the Obi ‘ gangs, we have no fear of the wolves. We know they must surely come for a blood as usual, nothing would derail the course. We know they might try to infiltrate the gang, land mines had already been laid. We know they would come as usual seeking for their stomach infrastructure, hunger will force them to speak in diverse tongues of praise singing, boot licking and hyping, we no dey give any how and wouldn’t give them just for frivolities.

Obi’ gang is not a place to collect, it isn’t a collection point, not a POS joint, its ATM machine doesn’t dispense free money, only those with a card of work diligently done can cash out.

We are the gangs, we are Obi-diently prudent, we are not stingy we are prudent, using our resources wisely to impact life not to encourage glutinous crave of things.

We are not stingy we are not poor, we dey give when there is need, we don’t give to impress or influence we give to impact and improve.

Nigeria here we come, better Nigeria ahead! where people will live smartly, having the very basic of things at their beck and call .

A new Nigeria where what the government should effortless provide for the masses wouldn’t be prayer points anymore is about to dawn.



#Jarlath Uche Opara

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