Nyesom Wike: Nyesom Wike And His Delayed Orgasm

Forthcoming Elections

Orgasm is one experience everybody desires to have. A moment of emotional flight from the world of consciousness and reality to a realm where passion, sensation and feelings rule.

Orgasm is so powerful, its grips on reason and sound thinking makes the duo feeble and maliable. It comes with so much energy and tickling, so much so everything appears irrelevant but the thought to cum.

One can imagine how frustrating it could be at the peak of cuming only to be disturbed and distracted by a bang that sounds like a heroshima bomb.

For months Nyesom Wike wooed, looked for who to settle with politically. Having estranged the ties and friendship of his political friend getting a replacement became one project he was so keen about.

Like a wounded lion he fought. With his war of words, firing from all cylinders he became so loquacious, ready to say anything and swallow it if only it would help cage the prey he seeks to get.

Wike made quite an impressive milestone and made inroad into the hearts of many at a time. At a point he was seen as the hero of democracy, one so fearless, bold and courageous to say it as it is no matter whose ox is gored.

He glowed and claded in this robe of heroism, until that moment when his move on the chess board got the wrong Queen .Many thought it was a wrong move, ill calculated which runs against the mood of the moment. His choice anyway but the consequences of such a move are still unveiling in piecemeal.

Nyesom Wike thought he had got a good Queen, so beautiful and amazing, nothing would stop the consummation. He paid the price to seal the consummation deal. Many toes were stepped on, life lost, broadday rigging deployed and Impunity displayed irascibly, just to get the Queen. All hail Queen!!

He delivered as he promised his Queen, though marred with irregularities. In his mind his future is secured and the prospect of his Queen giving him a blank cheque to sign on a done deal.

To formalise the relationship and have the Queen sign on doted line, a banquet was organised. Lavishly so with a touch of class. With all the intrigues and manipulations, all the sweet words and caressing the Queen appeared hard to be turned on. Even when there were go between,trying to put the Queen in the mood, she maintained her rigidity and frigidity.

At this point Nyesom Wike became uncomfortable. His adrenaline hot and his emotion getting to its yielding point, still the Queen wasn’t ready to allow him have his way.

By now his hood may have gone down, flabby and weak. Such is life. Just wondering what will be going on in the mind of Nyesom Wike now. Wike got to the point of orgasm, ready to cum but the Queen said to him, I don’t owe you anything and wouldn’t pay. What you think you did wasn’t enough to gain access to my heart, you need to lobby more!

More shocks and delayed orgasm in the days and months ahead for the disobidents.



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