No excuses when sex is involved- Archbishop’s wife tells couples

In response to the spate of sex-related marital problems nowadays, couples have been advised to maintain very healthy sexual relationships so as not to destroy their marriages.

The Wife of the Archbishop of Niger Province, Mrs Martha Ibezim gave the advice today in a chat with newsmen in Awka.

Statistics reveal that lack of sexual intimacy and communication accounts for the bulk of separation rates in Nigeria which witnessed a 14% increase in 2018.

According to Mrs Ibezim, couples not paying attention to their diminishing sexual relationship is a major source of concern for marriages in society today.

“Women and men alike should not allow the poor sexual relationship to scatter their marriages. No one should give excuses when sex is involved. Mothers should know that sex is therapeutic and enhances bonding between a married couple. I encourage family planning by families to avoid procreating more than we can handle,” the Bishop’s Wife advised.

She further advised women to pursue financial independence to be able to contribute towards the growth of their families’

“I want to warn women to reject being housewives no matter how rich your spouse may be because there may be sudden role reversals in life which makes life worst for unprepared women. Women should also shun arrogance and usage of intemperate language when speaking to their husbands and others, as this has been responsible for the mentality that has suppressed our women all these while,” Ibezim noted.

In her words, “I wonder why some women cannot control their anger when dealing with a man they claim they loved before marriage. Your love for your husband and family should never be toyed with no matter the circumstance. Mothers should show restraint always even at the highest provocation and shun laying a curse on people. I also encourage women and mothers to learn to show compassion and apologize anytime any contentious issues come up in the family to teach their children. Mothers should strive to be architects of peace in their families and neighbourhood. They should stop treating their husbands like dirt.”

The Prelate’s wife encouraged women who are already economically liberated to look out for those challenged and assist them to come out of hunger and deprivation rather than resort to cajoling them or showing off.

According to her, women should network among themselves to liberate the downtrodden among them economically so they can contribute meaningfully to their family and society.

On the issue of indecent dressing, Mrs Ibezim urged women not to walk naked in the name of fashion.

“As women, we should be mindful of our environment and the occasions we are attending to avoid disgracing ourselves and womanhood. It is ridiculous for a woman to be walking on the road and her undies are for public view. There are dress etiquette and even business etiquette for us to learn and when an innocent mistake is made, it would be understandable,” she pointed out.

She stressed the need for men to exercise restraint in raising their hands against their wives and any woman, describing it as an act of cowardice to beat a woman.

“Husbands should truly love their wives and correct them with love and respect always. I also appeal to those who enjoy wife battering to desist. I wonder why some men beat their wives. Let me appeal to men to stop beating their wives but tolerate them and explain their grievances,” Ibezim said.

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