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No Amount Of Foreign Jobs Money & Aid Can Lift Africa

If Africans cannot help one another as their brothers’ keepers, who is going to help them for free? Heaven only helps those that help themselves. Prayers, incarnations and belief empower and strengthen your nerves to be strong and durable to lift yourself up. There are different ways of pulling yourself out of poverty, stretching out your hands for handouts when you waste ten times as much energy throwing good money after bad money is nothing but just folly.
Africans are still laundering trillions of foreign currencies out of the Continent. Even when getting billions back from past looted funds, they still beg for millions in charities. There is no free lunch anywhere, you must be willing to give something in return. Preferably what they dictated, not what you want. It is a Disadvantageous Relationship because of imbalance exercise of negotiating powers between masters and serfs or servants.
African mentality of a white knight coming to their rescue must change in order to gain Economic Independence. The world pursues its self-interest in exchange for Charity that makes some, certainly not most feel good. They see slave labour as a necessary evil that can be mitigated by charity or aid. This is why Foreign countries always threaten to cut Foreign Aids off if we do not bend to their wishes or follow the direction of their fingers. 
We have to ask ourselves at what point are Africans going to understand that Charity only comes after Profit, not before Profit. Some people do not realize that even free samples are teasers to get you addicted. Once your taste buds are hooked, you patronize more forever as Africans. Every Foreign Investor works in his own interest just as any African seeking fortune. What we see as a big deal or fortune is crumbs to them compared to the Fortune Bounty they seek in Africa. The same businesses that employed you knew full well that you do not have legal papers, do so to pay you less and call authorities to deport you when they do not want to pay after working your hearts out!
When you are willing to sell your country out of self-interest you are 
blinded into cognitive dissonance by Self-hate indifferent to realities and the welfare of your fellow citizens. Some Africans have decided it is better to borrow their Countries out of existence on everything Foreign, than to depend on their local talents and resources. After all, if they import contracts, they will be reallocated to the countries they sold their souls to.  
There is no way a man who borrows to feed and shelter himself would not beg forever. Some Nigerian businessmen staff their factories, schools and other companies with foreigners that work Africans like slaves in their own countries. They pay less educated and skilled foreigners more than they pay Africans. Since these African owners are treating local workers as cheap labour, foreign companies get the green light to do the same or worse.
It is very disturbing that in this day and age after political Independence in African countries, we still cannot differentiate between legal and illegal mining because the same leaders are behind both without accurate accountability of what is leaving our Continent. Yet, we expect Foreign Investments in our favour. The new generation has never learned the courage of our liberation fighters as young activists against colonial powers.
Those that come to Africa are fortune hunters looking for trillions in profits while those Africans that seek fortunes outside hardly make a million or may break even after expenses with credit cards debts. The difference is clear to blind men except when intoxicated by Branding and Window shopping for goods that can be made and perfected with practice at home since Independence. Everything that glitters is not gold.
P&ID and Enron are only two of the prominent International duper companies that have shady business influence in Africa and have sued in overseas courts asking for billions of dollars for projects they did not perform. While Enron defrauds other developing countries, P&ID specialize in Nigeria. P&ID’s $9 Billion scheme was masterminded by a late Michael “Mick” Quinn (p&id) Process and Industrial Developments Ltd Chairman. Indeed, operations these shell companies do not have the technical capacity to accomplish in Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Bolivia, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. 81. It usually takes a developing country’s insiders like the Attorney General, Finance Minister and/or the Central Bank Governor to defraud their own country from their Foreign Reserves.
No matter how much income we have, no rich African country can ever import itself out of Poverty. It is illogical to cry or beg for Foreign Everything asking for jobs, loans, goods and services from used to discarded materials instead of borrowing sense from your heads. Banks make their money, pay their staff and other expenses from loans, and borrowers. Even those targeted African countries with attractive Reserves are asking for Loan Forgiveness. Some lenders laugh in Chinese at the jokers. All the pleading to forgive Paris Loans, nko. For whia?
You may not like some ideology or differ in respect of a few positions Imperials take. But you cannot deny that they depend on the poor for surplus, disposable labour and low wages. It creates millionaires and billionaires faster. Indeed many poor people accept it as the risk of feeding their families. If you think it is only poor folks that accept it, wonder about highly trained and talented Africans fleeing and those willing to risk jails overseas for money laundering, cut off from seized money to avoid going there to defend themselves or doing hard labour for prison wages when the money they are caught with could be judiciously put to good projects at home.
On the other hand, we must also understand that Africa is making some progress and our younger generations are creating sources of income. The problem is that the wheels of progress are not turning as fast as the wheels of regression. As soon as people of goodwill create and make conscientious efforts leaping two or three steps forward, forces of evil drive us back and export many of our gains.
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