Nigerians Share Hilarious ‘Embarrassing Things’ They Did During Relationship Heartbreak

Some Nigerians have taken to social media to share ‘embarrassing’ things they did during relationship heartbreak.

The individuals shared their experiences following a post by a Twitter user, @ToolzO.

The user had tweeted: “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done when going through heartbreak?”

Below are some of the responses:

@sugarstick4life I called my dad on phone and told him to arrest the man I was dating then if I die….My dad invited me over the next weekend and listed out how much he has spent on my education that before I die I should refund his money. He raised no idiot. Ever since…Never again

@Officaljennifa I started listening to songs that will make me cry for 1hr, then I went to the kitchen, prepared my favorite meal for everyone in my compound..they asked what I was celebrating and I said “ Herny say he no do again” with tears in my eyes

@Bisolapeperenpe I took bike (cos I looked at the map and there was dense traffic) from Lekki to Abule Ijesha at about 8/9pm to goan beg man who broke up with me saying “It’s not you , it’s me”. Ah! Iya jemi mehn

@RaymondZabb So it was 2012, during BBM Regime, that BBM shattered so many hearts back then, the real ones will know this, cuz her New man gave her white Q10, I drank Kerosene, didn’t know that shit doesn’t kill easily, I nearly shit my intestines. We are still both single now sha

@DivaMorela I told everyone Around me to beg him for me …he insisted we should go on a 2 months break …I agreed and waited for months btw I still Dey send good morning my king

@SarahNawaLamido Begged, begged, begged, still begging(morning, afternoon, and evening begging texts) till his new girl replied to my texts recommending her friend for me. Na there my eye open

@thisiskunmi I woke up in the middle of the night to cry in the sitting room, sadly, my mum caught me, I had to pretend that I was praying and in the spirit that’s why I was crying, my mum gladly joined in the prayer, we sha prayed for another 3hrs. I didn’t even finish the cry

@OgbeniAyoola I wanted to commit suicide… Mumu me, I was later on my way to work and I got alert for my month’s pay… In my head, I was like even if I’ll die later, I’ll firstly spend this salary finish

@funkeonif Throughout that day, I was just hissing, laughing and crying sheepishly so that my dad won’t catch my tears, only for me to shout ‘na me be this’ when everyone was watching TV in the evening…. na prayers dem call put for my head las las sha

@festus_lynx Was already three days after she broke up, I was traveling back to Lagos from Ilorin….Nothing happened ooo!! Tears just started dropping….hmm people started begging me, I entered gear two..Embarrassment no gree me talk, I told them I lost my dad

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