Nigerians Roast Fani-Kayode Over Explosive Claims, Peace Talk With Yahaya Bello

389 views | Stanley Ugagbe | March 8, 2021

Nigeria’s former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has again become a recipient of public backlash after his recent post on peace talks with Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello.

In the Facebook post titled, “THE PATH OF PEACE,” the ex-minister, who shared pictures of himself and the governor, made several claims that sparked reactions.

In part, the statement said “There are many things happening in this country that people do not know. It is only when you have access to information that you can get a clear picture and make an informed assessment. I have access to virtually every key person in this country and I assure you that we really are sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

“It really does scare me. Those that talk carelessly and that do not emphasise peace, unity and restraint will lead us into a full scale civil war which will not only decimate the entire west African sub-region but will also last for at least 50 years.

“It will make the civil war in Somalia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Congo and Yugoslavia look like child’s play and it will make our first civil war look like a tea party. At least 50 million people will die in such a conflict because neither side will give an inch. I see this coming and I pray to God that it does not because none of us will be spared. This doomsday scenario must NEVER be allowed to unfold.

“Many foreign nations want it to do so that they can sell their weapons of mass destruction and arms to us make millions of dollars for themselves and feed off Nigeria and African blood but we must resist it.

“We must listen to those who call for peaceful, co-existence, dialogue, restraint and understanding. We must join forces to fight the terrorists in our midst in the same way that the armies of the seven kingdoms came together and set aside their differences in the Game of Thrones in order to fight the army of the dead.

“We must unite with all men and women of goodwill, we must appreciate the fears and pain of those we once considered our adversaries and we must reach out to them in love and treat each other with mutual respect and understanding.

“Former foes must join hands and become allies and friends and they must build a bridge of love and understanding and iron out their differences in a peaceful way. If we fail to do this we will ALL be consummed in an unavoidable inferno in which oceans of blood will rise and our cities and fields will become a sea of rubble and devastation.

“My involvement in the recent peace talks brokered by President Buhari and led by Governor Yahaya Bello with the Amalgamated Unions that imposed a food embargo on the South taught me that nothing is impossible and that we can always achieve peace if we are prepared to sit down and listen to one another. We were close to the brink as a nation but thankfully we did not go over it and we pulled back from it before it was too late”.

Reacting to the post, some Nigerians made the following comments:

Ààre Vincent Olúsolá Arógbòdó – Unserious element! So, you have access to people that matter and vital information but you were everywhere few months ago lambasting the ruling party. You are just a political jobber! Submit your CV to Aso Rock and wait for the interview. Alatenuje

Prince Olim – It’s now very obvious that Yaya Bello wants to make you his running mate. But the good news is, you will lose woefully and shamefully. The same man that was always inciting the public with his divisive and manipulative write-up is the same man now suing for peace all for his selfish gains.

Balogun Nurudeen – Beautiful write up but I must say there are too many elements of cowardice in your submission. It makes me to wonder where you are heading to. Nigeria is not a do-or-die affair as it is right now and besides everyone knows he’s or her fathers house. Always talking about civil war to scare off gullible Nigerians. And how come you know the devastation of a second civil war in Nigeria will be worse than Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria. There is nothing that is coming from the sky that the ground cannot accommodate no matter how dreadful. I will rather die on my feet than to live on my knees.

Ngwa A Emmanuel – The Secret of Secrets in Nigeria shall soon be exposed and there shall be confusion in the whole of Nigeria. If you Sir are one of those who want the vigilant public to believe that the young guy with a FRESH hand who was vaccinated before live Cameras is Buhari, then you’re part of the problem of the country.

Emeka Ezekwe – Nonsense appeal, so, You and Yahya Bello saved Nigeria from an impending civil war? We had an election, a winner emerged and became president, yet his people are saying no peace? We cannot keep running away from “trouble”, Nigeria needs restructuring so that every region will live the way they want and make progress at their pace …….the people threatening our peace in Nigeria should be dealt with and punished, Jonathan, conceded defeat even when all the election results were yet to be announced, yet no “peace” since dat time?


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