Nigerian Govt’s Stance On Social Media, Made Twitter Take Its African Headquarters To Ghana – Tech Enthusiants

Few days ago, social media giant, Twitter announced that it will be opening its first African office in Accra Ghana, with its first hires on the African continent, expected to be about 11 persons.

It joins Facebook and other tech companies in moving into Africa.

Meanwhile, the decision by Twitter to make Ghana’s capital, Accra its operation headquarters in Africa, has stirred diverse reactions among tech enthusiasts.

The reactions were in consideration of the population of Nigeria, which is the largest in the African continent and what some quarters perceive as a more viable market for the company in Nigeria.

A Product Manager, Andy Obuoforibo said it is clear that Twitter recognizes Nigeria as a market hub for the fact that the tech company is targeting to employing some Nigerians even though the office is in Ghana.

However, he adds that the social media giant does not see Nigeria as a first priority due to Nigeria’s government views on social media.

According to him, this raises serious concerns over the country’s policies, business environment and regulatory requirements.

“Ghana is a champion of democracy and investment on the internet. I know a lot of people are seeing the move by Twitter as a slight on Nigeria. But I believe in taking that move, they considered the numerous actions of the Federal Government especially as it relates to the infamous Social media Bill and the conscious efforts at gagging the online media space which infringes Freedom of Speech on. It should send a message to the Federal Government to watch its stance on the social media,” he noted.

On his part, an economist, Tunji Andrews said the establishment of Twitter office in Ghana is a wake-up call for Nigeria to make its business environment more competitive.

Andrews believes Nigeria needs to improve on its ease of doing business and to position itself as receptive to innovation and technology, to drive economic growth.

In his opinion, there is the likelihood that more investments could move to Ghana and even other neighbouring countries, with the way the government is going.


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