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Nigeria @61 And IPOB Sit At Home Order


Congratulations to Nigeria at 61.  Years gone, challenges huge ,pains, regrets, disappointment , gory and gruesome events in the increase, yet the blessings  are not  in short supply either .

God has been merciful and his grace not taken for granted for us Nigerians

I have tried to look at Nigeria from the lens of 1960 independence, her achievements, failures and prospects, what I see may not be amazing but not entirely irredeemable .

I have friends , uncles , Aunties ,Cousins etc who are within the threshold of 60 years , many of them are great and amazing in hitting the  success lines,  while some still drag , striving and struggling to strike the  success dart

Such is life and of course Nigeria comes to me as one country that fits perfectly to the  later narrative despite the huge resources she is endowed with.

But  does such mean a close narrative for her ? A dead end? Or an irredeemable cess pool of “jagajaga socio- economic and political prospect for the largest populous  country in Africa ?

How painful! How unlucky!! How nostalgic a feeling, looking at the vast expanse of fertile landmass, the natural deposits in them , the human capital , the friendly and welcoming environment and the low level position we have “pridefully” occupied. How sad and disappointing it can be?

What manner of a father would feel happy with his child of 61 years still battling with juvenile issues ? How comfortable can one be, beholding a friend, brothers , uncles  etc whose background was laced with gold  but shrivels and languishes  in acute penury, depending largely  on handouts here and there to eke out a living?

At 61 years we are still battling with bad roads. At 61 electricity is a luxury , epileptic,  and in some areas not even available

At 61 maternal mortality is in the increase. At 61 Educational and health care  sectors are at the lowest rung of  international best practices .

At 61 campaign promises for politicians are as pedestrian as  water, road, bridge ,food etc provision.

At 61 the level of corruption and insecurity is up there , with a frightening  acceleration pace.

Nigeria was born great with a spoon more golden than other nations  that have through diligence , planning, creativity, ingenious deployment of human capital hit the bull eye of infrastructural development and economic stability.

See how our naira wobbles and falls in a  flappy  way against other currencies. Is it something to be happy about ? Something to roll out drums and clink glasses ? Something to say hurrah! with a hug of self fulfilment leaning on hindsight  ?

We have wasted amazing opportunities.  Resources gone down the drain of corruption and ostentatious living, sliding by day deeper into the cess pool of shame and lack of vision.

Is that what to celebrate at 61 ? What is there after all  to celebrate at 61? University lecturers’ strike? Medical Doctors’ strikes? Judiciary manipulation and deep seated corruption stigma around its image?

What is there to celebrate when the legislature is more of a rubber stamp than a check-mating  body . Is it what to celebrate at 61?

Is Nigeria inherently dyslexia? Even if she is ,is her challenge irredeemable?

Having been driven this far into the tunnel of dark and gloom, pain and sorrow , shame and  ignominy lack and penury  for majority,  while  plenty and ostentatious life style  for the  few,one wonders if   there is  any hope for a rebound for Nigeria?

As 1st Oct draws near, the IPOB ( Indigenous  People of Biafra)  sit at home order comes with mix feelings. Is it  rational ? What are the possible counterproductive effects of such order ? Will there be oppositions especially on the non flying of Nigeria flag except in banks?

What message does this send to the various South- East Governors ?

Would the success of this sit at home order whittle down their power and make them more of toothless Bull dogs than roaring  lions in the states they are Chief security Officers? .

In all these the question is are there  better ways of going  about the release of NK  and addressing  the obvious injustice and victimization allegedly  mated out to the South – East than this strategy of sit at home?

Are they not obviously drinking a concoction of poisnous substance expecting their perceived enemy to die ?

Is this a situation of penny wise pound foolish ? Cutting off  ones nose to spite ones face? Shooting one at the leg?

Where will all these lead the Igbos? Same lane and path travelled by the North East, especially  when unknown gun men and unscrupulous  elements are gradually infiltrating  the whole arrangement?

A stitch in time saves nine!

Ndi Igbo!! “Gbuo nu ijiji”




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