NFF Secretary General, Mohammed Sanusi denies receiving monthly pay in Dollars


The Secretary-General of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Mohammed Sanusi has denied allegations that he’s being paid his monthly salaries in the US dollars.

Mohammed Sanusi was under fire when reports over the weekend said he is being paid $10,000 monthly, a report he denied while speaking with the Guardian Newspaper via a telephone conversation from Argentina shortly before the Eaglets faced the Dominican Republic in their first game of the U-20 FIFA World Cup.

“I don’t know where that person got his report, but I am telling you that I don’t receive a monthly salary in dollars.

“In the first place, I am on contract with the NFF. I have been on contract with the NFF even before the Amaju Pinnick administration. And as a contract staff, I negotiate my salary with the federation at the beginning of each year. My monthly salary should not be an issue for public debate.

“Even If I am being paid $10,000 as a monthly salary, it is personal to me and my employer. If anybody decides to calculate what I am being paid in American dollars, then, he or she should do the calculation based on the official government rate. People should not use the black market rate to calculate my salary,” Sanusi stated.

“Good morning, gentlemen. I saw this here just now and the response of people. It is painful that we are discussing people instead of issues, but since that is what we want to reduce ourselves to, it is okay. Some people have decided to fight me, not for any reason, but for personal and selfish interests.

“What has my salary got to do with infrastructural development? I am on contract, not on permanent and pensionable work, with the right to negotiate my wages, which I did with the NFF Board.

“The question I ask the writer (Mr. Right), has he asked why the coach of Super Eagles earns $70, 000 monthly? Who is the boss between the coach and the general secretary, who also went to the University to obtain a Ph.D., who is also a coach (CAF A Licensed), leader of all the general secretaries of African football, a visiting lecturer in Human Kinetics and Health Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (on no payment)?”

Sanusi’s contract with the NFF runs till December 2023. He became NFF General Secretary in March 2015, replacing Musa Amadu, who resigned on March 18, 2015, following an intractable feud with the then NFF President, Amaju Pinnick.

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