My would-be mother-in-law said I’m a witch – bittered lady seeks advise


An embattled Nigerian lady has taken to social media to seek advise on what to do as her would-be mother-in-law doesn’t want her son to marry her.

This was contained in a post shared on Facebook by social influencer Amanda Chisom.

The troubled lady wrote:

I am 25 and I have been dating my man for 4yrs, the issue is his family doesn’t want me because of my maternal background which they claim to be fetish, as a result they don’t want their son to marry me despite all explanations.

At first I was welcomed, But after introducing myself and calling my maternal people, my guy’s step mother (who has trained them right from childhood since they lost their mum) kicked against it even more than the guy’s father. She already acts like the boss of the house.

I love my man’s family and I am from a peaceful home with 5 young siblings, my Dad is late and my mum is ill due to cancer, my guy has been seeing me through school and my family’s upkeep from the little he earns.

I have tried talking with one of his elder sister to explain to their stepmom that I am not a witch (because that’s what she calls me and had bought anointing water and oil for me,🤦🏾‍♀ and poured all over the house with prayers). It’s a member from my mum’s family who practiced idolatry and he has been late for years.

I can’t harm their son, but after promising to sort things out for me, she came back and told me to cut my relationship with him because we are related. I was shocked/pained and later carried out some investigation and found out we weren’t related at all but only from the same community.

My guy’s siblings are married, both children of the step mum, except him and he is 46. I advised him to leave his family house where he was living to rent an apartment of his own instead of being in his father’s house. His siblings home and abroad will see him year to year when they come home for Christmas and his step mum sends him errands always like a boy.

The step mum accused him of leaving his father’s house to rent an apartment where he can accommodate a witch. When the step mum learnt I was pregnant (7months) she told my man to send me out of his house, because I had to live with him since I was pregnant for him and couldn’t stay in my father’s house with pregnancy, my mum will be hurt. My man loves me and always encourages me, I have been praying and feel that things will be right but they seem worst.

I delivered the baby yet nothing seemed different, even the man I had the baby for says I should give him time to plan us out that God will make it work. Deep inside of me I am not happy because my mates are getting married and I feel like leaving the relationship and start my life afresh but I can’t because I love him deeply I am confused and it’s not easy at all
pls what can I do?

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