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My Growing Interest Is In A Forest 

Photo Credit: Author

What piques your interest

When you walk into a forest?

Its interrelated patterns, aura?

Its processes, fauna and flora?

Its fertility and biodiversity?

Its leafiness, calm and novelty?


I see diverse plants like I detect our cultures

For forests are home to 80% of land creatures

Plants cover 31% of the world`s total land area

Trees push out pollutants, give us scent hysteria

Greenery ably absorbs greenhouse gas emissions

What a slight, chaotic tree cutters are temptations!


Did I mention that a billion souls depend on forests

For their incomes and daily subsistence requests?

40% of global renewable energy is derived from

Forests. Where do medicinal properties come from?

Talk of wood, solar, hydroelectric and wind power,

Of leaky, teary trees; revel & feel the flood devour!




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