‘My ex dumped me after 2 years’ for no reason — Comedienne Maraji breaks down in tears

384 views | Doris Emmanuel | September 13, 2020

Gloria Oloruntobi, Nigerian comedienne better known as Maraji, has narrated how her boyfriend of two years dumped her for another lady in August.

The Instagram content creator took to her Instagram stories on Friday to share a series of video clips wherein she could be seen struggling to hold back the tears while also speaking on how the breakup has negatively affected her.

Maraji said that it has been an extremely “tough month” for her because it “happened last month.”

“Recently I was dumped by ex for no apparent reason. Apparently, he likes someone else. It has been a tough month because it happened just last month. It has been a tough month,” she said.

“People have been very supportive of me but there is this friend of mine who I just made. honestly, he has been there the most.

“Like we are just friends. He is in India and I am here in Nigeria like he always calls me. And it shocks me that why does this person care about how I’m doing. I feel like God blessed me with this person to laugh with and talk to.

“Yeah, I just wanted to show you this part of me because it always feels like I am laughing all the time but the truth is, bad things happen to me too. I cry too sometimes”

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