Mummy G.O: The Conspiracy To Negatively Affect The Minds Of African Teenagers

Funmilayo Adebayo, the popular Nigerian internet sensation alleged as an evangelist, has partly taken social media spaces to influence the minds of some young growing Nigerian teens, mostly from average backgrounds and the non-elites. Well, a good number of Nigerians would take her as a joke and to some extent she is, but what about the younger generations, the ones who barely know their left from right?

Mummy G.O as she’s fondly called by her growing fans, with her teachings which could be referred to as caricature or whims to most Nigerians, however, there is a bunch out there who could let that darkness sip into their lives, not because of anything else but because they don’t have the light enough.

I could remember naturally being served a good amount of such wrongfully orchestrated information while growing up in society. As an average Nigerian, in schools, I had access to a lot of the wrong set of information and all that. The painful truth is that I don’t understand how I got this information and how it sank on in my inside, I grew with a bunch of these ideas, however, if I carefully trace back to how I got hold of this information as a saying goes that, “rumors are spread by fools and on..”

The fact is that people like Mummy G.O also existed while I was growing up as a teenager. They ploughed their role as to influence and blind a fold to this set of wrongfully orchestrated knowledge that our generations could live with and get influenced by. I could remember being told that Beyonce and Micheal Jackson are hell fire candidates, I was even cultured through sets of wrong information to hate Secular music, whereas there is a lot of good we can capture from all these and more.

The truth is that these things didn’t start now, I remember vividly when I was younger I experienced more of such kind of information spread like wildfire while I was in Primary and Secondary school, it also affected my decision at the time. I was told Breakdance is from hell and that it was the devil’s dance, that’s ridiculous, and most teenagers were influenced by those thoughts. Indeed. I grew and have spent more time to understand how this world operates and have gained clearer knowledge about these things and also how such amazing creators can positively influence us and guide us through making greater careers for ourselves and generations.

Today, the alleged evangelist Funimlayo Adebayo fondly referred to as Mummy G.O stands very comfortably on a podium in some chaotic church pulpit to preach this wrongful gospel to the bunch and tell me, how would this sit well with the young and growing ones who might not get the opportunity to change this mentality? She alleged that “Master card users are on their way to hell”, we laugh out loud with it and call it some joke, how would those lads perceive all this wrong information?

Think deep. We even help her spread this false gospel and forget that it’d have a side effect on our own, think again, about those who don’t know they’re left from their right yet. Those growing up, how would they sit with this information and perceive society, generally?

Although one can’t compare the internet users rate as at then to now, it is over two decades, when I started hearing information that popular celebrities dine with the devil even as some people have seen God as he unveiled to them secrets which they claimed to tell us and more of such rumors which could be likened to what Mummy G.O is taking after currently, can’t you see this is a conspiracy from wherever coming to attack the minds of the younger ones negatively, it is more about the non-elites now, don’t you see that Nigeria is crashing down on us? Wake up!

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