Reasons Why Motivation Alone Won’t Make You Successful

1176 views | Sarafina Ann Nneoha | November 5, 2019

Motivation Alone Won’t Make You Successful

There are days when I feel lost and tired of the hustle; I get tired of the constant grinding; I get tired of not making a head way in my career. On days like this, a simple motivational video usually gets me to my feet. And I am not the only one that feels this way. I mean, in today’s world, it is easy to get access to a lot of motivational quotes, posts and videos. It could be on YouTube, iTunes, social media, or gatherings.

While watching tons of motivational videos and reading lots of motivational posts may fire up your ass to get your work, it is not enough for you to become successful.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with consuming a lot of motivational contents but it is never enough and I will tell you why.

Positive actions create positive results. You can’t just sit at home with arms folded listening to motivational talks. There is no way you can ever be successful. With any motivational content you consume, you should back it up with action. This is because motivation without momentum or action is simply hype. While you listen to those videos, make sure you do something every day that brings you closer towards your goals. Unless you do this, you will never accomplish anything at all.

There are a lot of people who are really good at dishing out motivational contents but have never accomplished their goals. Their bad habits, lack of focus and the absence of a blueprint for success keeps them stuck in a vicious cycle. If your dreams don’t work unless you do, then motivation without implementation is the road to nowhere.

Okay, think about the New Year resolutions you made when this year started. I mean, most of us made a lot of New Year resolutions; we were motivated but we never went through with them and you know why? In order to keep ourselves going, we need to turn that motivation into a habit.

Doesn’t it make sense? You see a lot of workouts you want to try, so you do a few of them. You are making progress but you fall off. And you wonder what went wrong. Well, that is because you didn’t stay consistent.

And again, I will love to put it out there that nobody is ever motivated all the time. Life has a way of presenting us with obstacles and challenges which can push us to throw in the towel. Without the mindset or the strategy to overcome those obstacles, you dramatically increase your odds of giving up. It’s no surprise that so many people are energized during a live event, or watching a video that empowers them, only to return to the adverse realities of their own life.

The “you can do it” and “you’re meant to be great” heard at the latest seminar begins to fade away. So, if motivation is temporary this means you must have other resources in place that will help achieve the success you desire.


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