Mind Restructuring: Reflect, Rediscover And Rejuvenate (3 R’s) 

Richard Odusanya

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; It represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” – Aristotle.

Flowing from the foregoing, together in a reflective mood rediscovery mindset and rejuvenated spirit, I wish to categorically mention that nothing less than an upscale and excellent testimony is expected of us as a nation with fundamental flaws and different characters.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s “Uninspiring” exclusive interview with Channels TV on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 anchored by Seun Okinbaloye made it very clear to me that the rtd Gen seems to have a problem with comprehending questions.

For instance, Seun asked him about the country’s present debt profile, naira exchange rate and unemployment figures, comparing them with those of the previous administration, noting emphatically that they have ballooned under him. The President responded by saying that people have to get access to farms. In his words: “Well, I am not sure how correct your calculations are, but all I know is that we have to allow people have access to the farm. We just have to go back to the land.”

Up till now, I am completely at lost and still trying to figure out the connection between farming and our huge national debt, high rate of inflation and acute unemployment. This is extremely worrisome.

I am aware that a lot of work must have been done by the media aides to prepare their principal for the interview, especially as questionnaires were usually requested before the interview date. However, his answers which do not tally  the with the questions reveals how unprepared or unaware… Can it be the results of old age? Because, at almost 80,  memory, hearing and comprehension ability may have declined considerably.

This could also account for part of the reasons why in seven years of the present  administration, very few Live interactive sessions were held. I am at lost why this is the case given the fact that the President is assumed to be an experienced public officer who have held several public offices for decades. He is also expressive and articulate as demonstrated in several encounters with the press in the past.

His handlers and some of his supporters might be quick to retort that it is his style of leadership. But is it really about style or something clandestine exist which compels reducing Live interactions?

Interestingly, many observer who have followed the very few Live interviews with the President knows that he seems to have a problem with comprehending questions being asked. It appears his handlers know this too and resolved that the less their Principal engage in Live interviews, the fewer crisis to be managed.

This is the consequences of a flawed process and over age and nature begins to take its toll and there is not much that can be done to stop it. The occupant of the office is unable to fire with all six cylinders. This gives room for selfish and greedy opportunists in the corridor of power to take advantage, thereby stalling the country’s growth.

It has become clear to me that Nigeria as a nation is not interested in participatory democracy and we may have completely surrendered to autocracy.

If not, how do you explain a situation where one individual arrogates to himself the power to select a successor? Granted that it happened in the recent past, but shall we continue with such undemocratic tendencies?

As 2023 gets nearer, many of our political gladiators and their enablers will again put personal interest and money ahead. And, sadly, millons of  electorates are too uneducated and poor to see through the veil of deception because they are motivated by grains of rice and garri. Hence, they are instructed who to vote for.

This is part of the reasons why i think 2023 should be different from the previous arrangements. ARISE ‘O COMPATRIOTS.

Richard Odusanya is a Social Reform Crusader and the convener of AFRICA COVENANT RESCUE INITIATIVE ACRI

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