Millions of Muslims Voted for Peter Obi

Peter Obi Factor


Against what some APC media handlers might want you to believe, Peter Obi’s candidacy was embraced by Nigerians from across religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Peter Obi’s message of a new and working Nigeria resonated with every right thinking Nigeria and they voted massively for him, because they want the progress of Nigeria.

The Muslim voter like their Christian and animist counterparts understood that a working nation benefits everyone. A working, progressive and prosperous nation will not segregate between a Christian Nigerian and Muslim Nigerian.

Those who try to turn Nigeria’s beautiful and highly intelligent Muslims against the Peter Obi candidacy on the basis of religious differences are the same people who have failed to appreciate how determined Nigerians are to bring forth a working system.

Millions of Muslims who voted for Peter Obi in the last election understood that if there is anything that the Peter Obi candidacy represented most, it represented a departure from the old and unworkable system of doing things to a new and working system. Peter Obi is the new Nigeria that 95% of Nigerians wish for, while the other candidates represent the old order of doing things.

Muslims, Christians, northerners and southerners chose the new way of doing things and will choose that over and over again.

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