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You scare me, you make my heart so uneasy, palpitating and very unsure of what you hold and what holds you.

Never in the history of this country have you been this talked about with uncertainty, not too sure whether you would be or you wouldn’t. You have become a talking point. All eyes are on you, watching in bated breath what will become of you soon.

For years you have been known for something, unveiling the new wishes and mandate of the people. Every four years you do this and so far consistent with it. Would you come through this year as seamless as other years? My fears! My uncertainties and my doubts!

Their hearts beat like those roaming their eyes on the result sheet of an examination they knew they didn’t do well.

Unsure of what their hirelings did. They knew it would be magical for their names to top the list, though they keep on bragging and flaunting around as the brightest.

Count down to May 29th had long begun. We are waiting. We are praying. We are watching and we are listening.

Would that day come? Yes ! It will, but what will happen that day is one thing that has many permutations around it.

Forget not what you hear. Count not as relevant those talks and brags. Pay no attentions to banquets, the visits, the promises and the lobbying. These are smoke screens, mere cosmetics, covering their face of fear, trepidation and uncertainties.

The night goes, the day dawns, the next day, bringing May 29th closer and closer.

Say what you want to say. Analyse and scrutinise the very shades of unsureness around May 29th, only Him that sees and seated from above knows what that day holds and what holds it.

May 29th! You have become a puzzle. A maze sort of, You have given Nigerians an equation that defiles all known mathematical formula.

We are waiting! We are watching!! We are ready to embrace the shock, the exhilarating freedom and freshness of hope it comes with.

I see a change, a disruptive change. I see a shift, a paradigm shift. I see the fizzle of May 29th in our political calendar. I see a dawn of a new date and month , a change, a real change not some sort of hoodwinked and scammed change that we are belaboured with.

I see shadow of shame and disgrace hanging around May 29th. You have been nice and obident but the manipulations and deception of many are about to unseat you from the political calendar of our nation. Oh May 29th.

For 24 years you have reigned meritoriously as a national day for change of guard , but the Impunity and lawlessness of many are about deleting you from the calendar of our democracy.

They are too desperate and calous. Too manipulative and weird. Too corrupt and deadly and too barefacedly inglorious in their quest for power. The unfortunate casualty of their crookedness you are about to become oh May 29th.

As days go by, your dawning is a sure bet but what happens that day becomes a riddle only God solves.

Oh you lovers of Nigeria and democracy pray! Oh you people of Nigeria who love justice and fairness pray!

Oh you people of good conscience who thrive on equity and morals, pray! The cloud is gathering, the sun is receding and the heaven is about to open. It will rain! Surely it will. The flood will come and only those on the water ways of corruption and Impunity will be washed away.

I see a new Nigeria! A renewed hope, where tribe, religion and culture may differ but in genuine brotherhood we will all stand to make Nigeria great again.

May 29th pregnant, only God knows what it will be delivered of.

The clothes covering the temple of infirmity, corruption, nepotism etc will soon be torned into shreds and the light of justice will for once radiate, dispelling darkness and making light of hope glow in an exceeding manner in our nation!

May 29th! We wait! We watch! and we pray!



Jarlath Uche Opara Jarlathuche@gmail.com

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