Marry a woman who makes your body do jiggy-jiggy – Expert tells single men

Marry a woman

A relationship expert, Reno Omokri has urged single men to marry a woman whose chemistry makes their body to vibrate.

In a post on Facebook, the former presidential aide said irrespective of the woman’s spirituality, if she doesn’t make your body do jiggy-jiggy, don’t marry her.

He wrote:

Dear single men,

Never be in a hurry to marry. Take your time to find a woman that makes your body do jiggy-jiggy. Then investigate if she has a good character. If she does, then marry her sharp, sharp! Until, and unless you find her, don’t marry. Don’t settle for anything less. If a prayerful church sister has these qualities, then marry her. If not, don’t. Prayers can never make you feel jiggy-jiggy! God has instituted a divine law that it is only a woman’s body that can make you, as a God fearing man, have the type of jiggy-jiggy that will make you pray for night to come. But let it be with ONLY your wife. NEVER your girlfriend!

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