Man Seeks Divorce, Alleges Frequent Beating By Wife

198 views | Doris Emmanuel | August 12, 2020

A man in Oyo State wants to go separate ways with his wife of seven years, and his reason is that she beats him frequently.

Gbade Olaniyi, on Wednesday, petitioned an Ile-Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve the union with Olubunmi, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

Testifying, Mr Olaniyi, an electronic trader, said “my wife has emasculated me. She has sent my friends and family away.

“Anytime we have a minor misunderstanding, she gives me dirty slaps. In fact, she slapped me on Sunday, August 2, 10 days ago, and tore my skin with her fingernails.”

He went on: “She said she did it [because] I did not tell her where I went when she asked me.

“She has neglected her role as a wife because she leaves home for days and even months for no reason,” Mr Olaniyi said.

His wife did not have any issues going separate ways with him as she consented to the divorce prayer.

She poured out her heart: “My lord, my husband has turned me into pauper. Our children don’t even have good clothes to wear.

“I sometimes leave home because he never took care of me during pregnancy.

“I slapped him because he sleeps with a certain young girl named Shukurat in our house and the secret leaked to me.

“I got to know when Shukurat’s aunt attacked him in my presence. I also have evidence of the love messages and credit cards sent by my husband to the girl and how they have been going to the hotel together,” Olubunmi explained.

Henry Agbaje, the court’s president, held that the evidence provided by the two was not sufficient enough and therefore requested them to furnish the court with more.

He also ordered them to bring their relatives and adjourned the case until August 19 for judgment.

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